Wife and son wanted a dog; I don't.

I didn't want this dog in the first place. My wife wanted one and my son, who is a good kid, wanted one. He deserves one. However, I don't want it. We've had it two days and I'm ready to leave....pack my bags and leave. The dog isn't a bad dog but I just didn't want it. I have sinus trouble and I feel like we have an infant now. I'm constantly stressed about the dog barking loudly, getting into things, or tearing up something.

My wife manipulated me into getting this dog. My son wanted one but was fine without it. She kept pushing, "he needs a dog...he deserves a dog." "He'd be so good with the dog." Now we have it and I am stuck! I was looking forward to spontaneity, road trips, day trips....doing what we wanted as my son is now almost 16 but now we can't. Now we have this freaking dog. I want to get rid of it....take it to a family where everyone wants it. My wife KNEW I didn't want it but told my son about the idea of getting one and they started actively looking. I don't know what to do now as now we have a 15 year commitment. Damn it!!!!!!!!

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  • I feel your pain. I’ve had dogs for over 20 Years. Parents wouldn’t let me have one Growing up, so the first thing I did when I moved out was get a dog. Well 3 dogs later I was ready to be pet free for a while. Guess what my wife got herself for Father’s Day? You got it, another f****** dog and then decided to rescue another one while my mom was on her death bed! Thank god for rub and tugs!

  • You should have been mad with your wife I don't blame you or the OP. Getting pets should first discussed about between you and your wife. What they did was wrong. I have 3 dogs One who is 14 years old and every day he is with us is a bonus. I have 2 one year old dogs and these will be our last dogs as our age is getting up there. You both should talk to your wives and come to a conclusion that works for both of you. What did you mean about the rub and tugs?

  • OP here. We discussed it and talked about it but it was up in the air. Now we have it and I'm stuck walking it in the rain, miserable. The dog ignores me now, which is fine. I really thought I'd come to love it and be attached but I am not. This is really depressing and stressful at the same time but I guess it's my life now. It isn't really the dog's fault.

  • Well you have two choices! First buckle down and train the dog and you will get used to it. Second tell them the dog has to go which is what I think is best for you and the dog. You are right dogs are like infants but can be trained to become great companions. They are always happy to see you they comfort you when you are upset. If you can't stand the dog you will give it the love and respect they deserve. You son is 15 going on 16 he will be gone in a few years and you and you wife was late in getting him a dog. You get kids dogs when they are young about 5 years old. He grows up loving the dog. And when he starts to become an adult the dog dies. That gods why of introducing him to death of a loved one without it being a human!

  • If you can't stand the dog you will not give it the love and respect they deserve. Typo sorry

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