I dont know what to do

I'm having a lot of conflicts with my boyfriend because of a story he thinks happened to me in the past with me and another guy. I'm a virgin and never had a boyfriend before him. He doesn't believe that and thinks that sexual stuff happened between me and another guy before and I told him no no no it's not true , i have never had interaction with the guy. My boyfriend doesnt believe that tho and a few months ago he said if you dont tell me that something happened between you and that guy im going to leave. So of course i freak out , lie and just tell him i had sexual interaction with the guy because i thought if i say that hes just gonna take that in and never bring it up again . Which was wrong of me . Later , he wanted to talk about the situation and i said "no no i lied , i'm sorry. dont believe what i said, I was just scared for you to leave " . So from then on he had that in his mind. last week , we texted the boy and he also denied it of course . a few days later my boyfriend woke up and said that he dont believe me and he know that something happened between me and the guy and i was denying it but then he was saying again im leaving if u dont tell me the truth and i was telling him that nothing happened and after some time i really started panicking and i just said fine i had something with him so he could stop bothering me with the situation and i just said i texted the boy and told him to deny it. ( my mind work really bad when im nervous or in panic ) Now today he says we're going to talk about what happened and I dont know what to do because i have nothing to say because it never happened and i'm so scared . Before i went to sleep yesterday , he told me if i cant tell him something i never told him about , and i dont explain the whole situation to him Hes going to leave forever and of course I dont have nothing i can say .. I'm so lost and sad and scared . I dont know.

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  • Get rid of this guy--he is a monster. Nobody deserves those kind of mind games in a relationship.

  • This is about control. he is trying to control you. if he threatens to leave just say "fine then go". don't talk any further and tell him to leave. dojt talk aboutnit just make him leave and dont talk to him for a couple of days. he will go crazy. you will take the control from him and he will beg to come back.

  • Your boyfriend sounds like a douche!

  • You deserve better than this. If you marry him he will continue this behaviour the whole time your together.

  • Break up with this guy, he has trust issues and seems obsessive.
    His behaviour could escalate in the future.

    If he doesn't believe you and you've been honest to him numerous times, and he still doesn't believe you, that's his problem. Even when you lied to him, so he wouldn't leave you, he still brought it up. He's an idiot, an obsessive one at that!

    You don't need this negative and obsessive person in your life. Save yourself and your virginity, for someone that's more deserving of you. If he loved you, he wouldn't behave in this manner. Plus, even if you did have s** with that other, why would he want to know the sexual details anyways? I think that's strange and a little perverse of him.

    Good luck and I hope you make the right decision, that benefits yourself and no one else.

  • Your best bet would be to dump this guy. He will never believe you, even when you are telling him.the truth. You have done nothing wrong. This is solely on him. It sounds exhausting to be constantly interrogated. Maybe it is him who has something to hide. His distrust will only grow and he will find something else that you are "lying" about.

  • Dump the idiot. You don't want to be with a crazy jealous idiot . He will ruin your life

  • I agree

  • Just have s** with him and pop your cherry, that'll be solid evidence that he can't argue with. He'll see the blood and know. That'll be the end of it.

  • Some people value/cherish their virginity and don't want to lose it to; an obsessive, jealous, undeserving lout, in order to prove a point!

    I get your point, but it's a lousy reason to lose your virginity for!

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