my mom is jealous of my girlfriend and likes me to be home all the time. She makes me clean, again and again as she just watches and complains. If I forget one of the chores she screams and tells me that I'm selfish, lazy and a j*** while she sits playing games on the computer all day and shops for expensive items when we are in debt and have been bankrupt 2 times before. my childhoop was spent moving from place to place....around 30 or so times because the rent/bills could not be paid because she got her hair done at an expensice salon...I want to get away, but I am trapped. I am in my first year of college. I have a job but I cant live off it. and I have limited sources of transportation. I am stuck, and she knows it and she will hold it over my head and torture me with it. I don't know what to do...she kicked me out today because she keeps taking things from me and I said to stop. she yelled and told me to get out. I can live with friends for a while but I need help.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • ^ Exactly. Find a roommate and make a go of it. You might shift the lions share of the bills to the roommate since you probably are pretty good at cleaning.

    Also, old folks and people who work so damn much they have more money than time pay well for house cleaning stuff. It seems she is more dependent on you.

    I don\\\\'t know how much crap you take along with you from move to move. Try and sell as much as possible. You need a clean break. Think about getting a student loan.

  • There IS a way out. Put an ad on craigslist and see if someone will exchange room and board for cleaning and maintenace of their home- then forget your mother existed and never speak to her again. If you do, she'll sink her claws in and you'll never get back out from under her. YOU HAVE TO STOP THE CYCLE. And only a psycho b**** would be jealous of her son's girlfriend. She's supposed to raise you to leave the nest and be fruitful. She sounds sick and Oedipal.

  • you are a f****** a******! God wouldnt have given you life if you weren't strong enough to live it! You'll make it through!

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