NY Teacher Sleeps with Students (Billy Ray Davis)

Beware! Billy Ray Davis Jr is a master con artist/ narcissist that lies, steals & manipulates men & women for s** & money. He has HIV & spreads it to anyone that spreads legs & butt cheeks. If he hit it u better get tested. He's on eharmony, match & pof. He acts like a good guy til u ask questions. He was in the navy and was working for northern virginia community college & used it to prowl on young students. Now he teaches at Tapestry High school in Buffalo NY & sleeps with teenage boys. Disgrace to the armed forces! He’s married & sleeps with boys! He's been fired from several jobs because he misuses boys, men & women. In reality he's a broke Billy Cosby that laces drinks rapes and gives aids. Heroine user & drunk. Little pencil d*** & big foul mouth! 5 kids by 4 women& still preys calling them b**** & whores. He's been reported before!! He infected my cuz & won't get away with this

Jun 9, 2020

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  • I was a student at Tapestry. He threatened my life if I ever reported him. I’m scared for other kids too. He drugged and raped me in 2020

  • This a****** should be arrested

  • Is he in jail yet

  • He’s been nothing but trouble since we were little kids here in NJ. Billy always causing problems getting arrested at 12 for drinking and raping girls. I thought he’d changed by being in the service but no this is the same old billy we always knew

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