Every time I go on a vacation, I at least sleep with 10 guys.

Due to this lockdown I've been missing doing that. I used to go on so called vacation every month or two. I know lot of you guys will call me wh*re for that but go on, who cares.

I live in a very conservative society and have to act in particular way which is far away from who I naturally want to be. I always have to dress in certain way, have to laugh in a certain way or else I get the "looks" from other people around me.

So I always just leave my town for few days, sometimes alone, sometimes with 2 of my other friends and we just let our self go with flow. There have also been time went I got only 1 guy in entire vacation but it's still something than nothing.

Since last 4 months I've been stuck in my house and just going crazy, I just hope this will end soon so I can go back to "been myself".

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  • My wife has been going crazy because of the lockdown she usually goes to Jamaica once a year and stays for two or three weeks. She hooks up with the guys who live there. And she hasn't been able to see her boyfriend. She's driving me nuts lol.

  • Lots of guys like that in a girlfriend. I have been sharing my wife since before we were married. I've shared her with tons of guys all over the world. I love to watch.

  • Yes you are a prostitut e

  • I guess I should start charging than.

  • I ll pay you but I need to see the product with features i know quality doesn’t come cheap so just name your price and show urself to me once any email id you have ?

  • I wouldn’t call you a **. You’re on vacation. Enjoy yourself as much as you can. One day, maybe you can live somewhere you can be yourself and not worry about what society’s pressures?

    I love to travel on my own too. I typically hook up with about the same number of girls each week I’m away. I enjoy knowing I won’t run into them at the store. I enjoy thinking about the women I’ve hooked up with on the beach or in the hotel elevator or on that tour bus.

    Travelling alone is amazing.

  • Thank you.

  • There seem to be a lot of people that don’t respect your choice. I’m sorry about. Happy to have a conversation about Iif you’d like. Try me at Jsmartypants at gm@!l

  • Good girl

  • Back in 1999 I was 23 yrs old and met a 45yo oman, recently divorced for the 4th time. We went to Vegas and got married the same weekend we met. I thought it was romantic. I was wrong. We stayed in a casino-hotel. The third morning, I went downstairs for breakfast, leaving her in bed asleep. When I got back to the room, she was being powerfucked by the huge black limo driver who'd brought us in from the airport. When I complained about her cheating ON OUR HONEYMOON,she said "lookit, **, a honeymoon is like a vacation, and this is what I do on vacation....... I **." she was matter of fact about it. As far as I know she limited herself to that guy for the rest of the time we were in Vegas but her later vacations have been more (ahem) "expansive". The girl goes wild...... like you.

  • Hello there, i have similar request to hook up with you unlike the guy below I would nice to you don’t worry about it just some quick questions how can I reach you to turn this into memorable moments?

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