Little girls

So it started about three years ago, Ι was at work and i was changing a nappy in my nursery. I cleaned the child and all i could do after that was look at the child's amazing p****. I fingered her pusssy and she smiles. I could feel my c*** growing. Ever since that day, i feel sexually attracted to little girls.



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  • What in the fresh, sister s*******, sweet tea brewin, sweet home Alabama, came on my nanny's pajamas kind of s*** is this.
    Your a sick f*** you know that.

  • Seek yee the kingdom of God and repent for your sins. The world might not forgive you.

  • My neice is 10 and I am going to f*** her in every hole and I don't give a f*** about what anyone says I'm in love with my neice

  • Why did you wait so long?

  • Sad bullshitting f*****

  • That's a f****** kid bro

  • WTF Sick

  • Baby is best, they suck so good too

  • You are so sick you should be castrated

  • Cheers mate, i agree completely

  • Those short, hard sucks just make you shoot to quick though

  • So you wrote another Sickfucking pedo post. We will get you.

  • What the f***

  • Sick mother F*****! I hope you rot in H***!

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