Make my son play baseball with incorrect cup

My son 13yo son plays baseball. He wears slider shorts that hold his nut cup. He has two pairs of those shorts.

When he gets on my nerves and starts giving me attitude or being a typical teenage boy, I will put out the 2nd pair of these shorts. In those shorts I sewed a line about 1/2 inch from the bottom of the opening that holds his cup.

When he puts the cup in, it cannot go in all the way and he has to adjust it all game. HAHA

Playing catcher the cup has moved up when he squatted and he has taken some pretty good hits. HAHA

Any other moms ever try this or something similar?



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  • Your son should be taken away from you. You are vile to the utmost and I would be ashamed to be in your presence.

  • Ugh what? This actually happens wow. Now I'm wondering if something like this has ever happened to me

  • How old are you and why do you think it might have happened to you?

  • I'm 14 idk if something like this has happened and I just didn't notice it I could just be paranoid

  • Well has your cup ever been out of place or missing? LOL

  • Well yeah, but I always lose things or forget where I put them

  • How old are you

  • Uh i already said I'm 14

  • Well you probably need a small cup anyways lol

  • No I do not. I wear an adult cup for a matter of fact so nice try

  • You probably only need a peewee size

  • Okay so what? Still peewee adult size

  • No such thing as peewee adult.....peewee is extra small for boys like you

  • Boys like me? Who do you think you are talking to me like that

  • Will you SickFucks shut up. This is all made up by some bald old man in his mommies basement

  • No this is made up by some sick bald headed man who dreams about getting his B alls kicked in.

  • When my daughter annoyed me I used to tie her shoe laces insanely tight with a double knot and send her off to school.

  • I make my kids wear pullups even though they dont wet the bed.

  • Don't be a sickfucking pedo

  • How old are they? Boys or girls?

  • That sounds painful

  • Oof

  • You should have you kids taken away. Thats if you have kids and are a female not some sick guy posting as you.

  • Why dont you just smack him in the nuts?

  • Well that would be obvious....this is subtle and he has no it’s cute seeing him adjust his cup 50 times a game. Lol

  • Fair enough, do you ever just randomly hit him in the b**** ever though?

  • Of course if he mouths off or pregame baseball cupchecks haha

  • How small are his little ballsies?

  • Stop pedo

  • Do you have a daughter?

  • Stop it pedo

  • Lmao i bet his reactions are funny

  • Grabbing himself, whining, sometimes drops to the ground.

    I just have one son

  • What is it with you doing that to a child! That is child abuse I hope CPS comes and takes your child and you are arrested.

  • Do you have any social media i can reach you at by chance? since the comments on this sight arnt loading unless i send more


  • Do you have an instagram or snap? i dont do emails XD

  • Aidensmom55 on Instagram

  • Thata Girl! :)

  • I agree

  • I have only done it a few times

  • I love power and pain. Such a turn on. I'm a s*****.

  • Dope

  • It certainly gives me satisfaction, seeing his cocky butt rolling on the ground haha

  • WTF

  • Yep

  • No you Sickfuck fake post. God if you have kids give them up.

  • Facts

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