I think I might need help

Okay I known this sounds wrong and totally bad but I get so turned on when I think about rape. Of course I would never actually rape someone but it's more of a kink I have. Is that normal? Does anyone else have that too? Sometimes when I'm alone I go to a p*** sight and lookup forcefúck and I get so turned on but when I watch regular p*** it's hard to get wet. Am I normal?

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  • Check out the rape kink subreddit. Thousands of rape stories, I’m sure you’ll get your fix

  • I know that feeling I dream of being raped by another woman or a fairy all the time and I get so wet when I think about it but I m to fat and ugly to be raped or loved or anything so I just dream

  • ... It's BDSM. It's called consensual rape. I am the original commenter and I am a girl.

  • And even if I was a guy why would I put wet instead of hard?

  • Because of my childhood sexual abuse, I’ve got hyper sexuality. I c** faster and harder to f***** up p*** like rape. When I’m not h****, it makes me feel sick

  • I am the one that posted this and I repeat

    I am a female. A lady.

  • You can repeat it till you are blue in the face. But that won't change the fact that you are a guy, dude, boy or a sissy man

  • He is not a girl he is a sickFUCK who wants to rape women and children. He stated "Of course I would never actually rape someone but it's more of a kink" One day he will rape someone

  • Oh and I am a girl

  • I'm sorry you feel that way but I would never actually rape someone. It's a role play kind of thing. They know we're about to have s** and give consent before it happens. I also use safe words bc if they don't actually consent during they can stop and I'll get off without a second thought.

    I'm sorry if it disgusts you but that is what I like and I cannot change it

  • It is a bald headed guy. Who doesn't think about the fact that women, boys and even a few men are raped and scarred for life. He doesn't know that these people have taken their lives because of rape. He just wants to w*** over you replies

  • Yes it’s normal a lot a girls fantasize about being raped.

  • It's normal.. it'll probably change but know there are lots of girls with the same fantasy. Just don't hurt anyone while playing it out

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