I think I might need help

Okay I known this sounds wrong and totally bad but I get so turned on when I think about rape. Of course I would never actually rape someone but it's more of a kink I have. Is that normal? Does anyone else have that too? Sometimes when I'm alone I go to a p*** sight and lookup forcefúck and I get so turned on but when I watch regular p*** it's hard to get wet. Am I normal?

Jun 13, 2020

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  • Cnc consensual non consent i think abt it all the time too usually you give someone permission to rape you without telling you when you dont have a problem lmao the people in the comments just dont get it and assume the worst

  • Find someone who has sexual feelings. If you get a girlfriend to explore this with her.

  • I once had an employee who lied on her CV. The person who hired her did not do a proper background check. When we did, we caught her.
    I called her into my office with the intent of telling her that she still had a job but this CV thing is an issue of integrity. If we catch her lying again than we would have had no choice but to fire her.

    Before I could execute the plan...she started to tear up and I could see fear in her face coz she thought she was going to get fired. The sense of power overcame me and I had the biggest h******. I just could not resist and played the I am going to fire you card a little longer. The power over this was such a turn on and I think that is what rape is all about....power

  • I am in the same boat. I struggle with it because I try to remember that its wrong but....I can't help but think it would feel great.

  • I feel you. It scares me sometimes because doing that to someone would be awful and I would never cross that line. When ive been with girls in the past ive always asked before and lmao sometimes during and if they say stop ive always stopped. But when I think about it yeah I get turned on. I do want to experiment with this consensual idea but I feel it would just make me uncomfortable

  • I feel you there u aren't alone it's hot af but so many lines not to cross. Have had these fantasies a while now.

  • Check out the rape kink subreddit. Thousands of rape stories, I’m sure you’ll get your fix

  • I know that feeling I dream of being raped by another woman or a fairy all the time and I get so wet when I think about it but I m to fat and ugly to be raped or loved or anything so I just dream

  • I doubt you're too fat and ugly. Id rape you, if you wanted that?

  • Lol

  • ... It's BDSM. It's called consensual rape. I am the original commenter and I am a girl.

  • And even if I was a guy why would I put wet instead of hard?

  • Because of my childhood sexual abuse, I’ve got hyper sexuality. I c** faster and harder to f***** up p*** like rape. When I’m not h****, it makes me feel sick

  • I am the one that posted this and I repeat

    I am a female. A lady.

  • Yes it’s normal a lot a girls fantasize about being raped.

  • It's normal.. it'll probably change but know there are lots of girls with the same fantasy. Just don't hurt anyone while playing it out

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