I'm A ** Magnet????


I've noticed that people who approach me in a romantic sense always do so with the idea that I'm into **.
For some reason, I get approached by Masochistic Subs frequently and I'm honestly confused.
Gender isn't really a problem for me, so I've had relationships with both men and women, but they always turn out to be heavily into ** and under the impression that I'm a Sadistic Dom???

I don't think I behave in a way that can be construed as Sadistic, but honestly my exs have all had ** in common.

I'm not really picky so when my exs told me they were into **, I decided to give it a try. However, It usually changes the dynamic of our relationship and I feel as if I'm suddenly in a business partnership rather than a romantic relationship.

I'm neither into or against **, but I would like to know if anyone can explain why I somehow ended up with a history of Masochistic Sub exes????

Is there anything that might give others the impressions I'm a Sadistic Dom?

Jun 13, 2020

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  • Of all sexual fetishisms, ** is probably the one which requires the best communication. Which means it's also the easiest to misinterpret.
    Somehow you are seen by others as dominant and sadistic, or at least you think you are. If you can't relate to it then you can try and change the way you communicate. Communication consists of many things, like tone and choice of words, body language, timing, ..

    Or you could try to accept that you're a sadistic Dom, sir! lol

  • Ever since THAT movie came out, most women I know want **

  • Yeah, one can be type cast pretty easily. I know I have. Nearly every woman I've been in a relationship with has asked me to "**" them. When The Accused came out nearly every woman I worked with informed me that if I ever raped them, they wouldn't press charges. I'm NOT into that at all. My sister was raped when I was very young and I saw the damage she had to deal with. I'm not like that. Not even in play

  • Spirit. Be careful of strongholds and soul ties....for they too(the ones into it) feel deserving of mistreatment....to the point that it gets the off sexually. It's mental, spiritual battle. And they use you, maybe your kind maybe your not. Either way they feel, it involves the soul

  • I can whip you

  • I am a ** and it is such a power trip.

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