no one else will know.

today was one of the best days of my entire life. i shouldn't have worried about anything, because all of the timing was utterly perfect. we were left home alone exactly at the point when i wanted to start making out with you. and then you tried getting in my pants just like i wanted you to. and surprisingly, it didn't even hurt like i thought it would afterwards. for a second it did, but then it wore off. and especially when we both took off our shirts, and i felt your warm body against mine, it was one of the happiest moments in my life. feeling your lips kiss my skin sent shivers up my spine. you are amazing. everytime i look up and see those helium-filled hearts floating aimlessly, i melt. you make me so happy, and i hope so badly that you're feeling the same way. i can not stop thinking about you. at all. i'm glad that i saved our first "i love you" for today, because i feel like that was the cap on the single moment that i've been happiest in my life. and thinking back to the runner-up-day, i remember that you were there too. you've been my best friend for a while now, and having a relationship form out of that is so natural. i want to spend every moment with you. i want to feel this way forever. i want you to feel this way forever. i physically can not keep my mind on the topic of breaking up; i keep adverting my thoughts to how happy you make me feel. the ghost of your touch is lingering on my skin. god i wish we had had more time. i still want you right now. it's sad that i can't share these thoughts with any one else; i feel like all of my friends would judge me. i could tell you, but that would just be redundant. i love you i love you i love you and i never want this to end.

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