It does not necessarily mean that you will be with them.
They come into your life for a season, a reason and a purpose.
We met.
We connected.
We are part of the same soul family.
There was an instant familiarity.
There was an intense bonding.
I need to delve deeper into the akashic records and understand our connection better.
Panache Desai has already given me some insight how you and I were connected.
I seem to be repeating the same lesson again.
I have had a few spiritual insights into our connection.
I just wanted to let you know that I will always love you.
I am loyal, trust worthy and faithful.
You need to understand that the universe works in strange ways.
You came into my life to awaken me.
Now I understand why twin flames are so intense.
Once the flame is ignited it can never be put out.
The spirit remembers things that the soul could never teach us.
I will just keep loving you.
You and I both had very important lessons to learn.
Thank you for reaching out to me when no one else cared.
I will always love you.

Next Confession

God Gave Me Someone To Love

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  • I must be one of those souls who lives for eternity. Our connection assisted me to see/understand and appreciate our past lives. It is a true blessing, indeed!

  • Wtf is this cringe.

  • Just a dumb little cvnt who keeps vaguebooking on here thinking shes all that

  • Hear, Hear!

  • Is this a gay a movie

  • This is some of the more erudite butthurt I've heard this year.

    You sound like you think you have all the answers and believe your "beloved" is too dim to come to the same conclusions. So answer this- if you're so "loyal trust worthy and faithful," why are you moaning like you'll never see her again? Those qualities don't matter to someone who isn't in a relationship with you.

    You are confused and narcissistic, not in that order.

  • Perhaps you are all narcissistic because you have never experienced love on another level. Keep your sick judgmental comments to yourselves!

  • Perhaps you are confused and narcissistic because you can't address the comment, but go into auto attack mode. You delicate petals are in for a literal world of pain, there are almost 8 billion people on the planet and very few of them care about your precious feelings

  • I don't care about your precious feelings, either!
    Go get a life Mr. Bully. Being cynical consumes too much negative energy.

  • Tough $hit, girlie. Take your attention fishing and snotty attitude somewhere else.

    I love how you dumb little b!tches try to take the high road by condemning what you see as "negative" but can not or will not see your own ROARING negativity. Sniffle, whine, you're a bully, etc. Get over yourself! No one wants to play drama games with you, but we do enjoy telling you what's up (which makes you cry. Ha Ha)

  • Trigger

  • I'm done playing games. I see the situation now for what it really is! Enjoy playing your games because it is only cheap entertainment. Futile indeed!

  • Lol@ ragequit

  • You are jealous because you have never experienced the twin flame journey. All you cretins should stop judging! Your vile thoughts are a reflection of how all of you have an intellect of an ant. Actually, I should not degrade the intellect of an ant. At least they work hard and have a purpose in life!

  • Any time anyone uses "jealous" as a go-to, it becomes crystal clear that they have not emotionally matured since middle school

  • *sob sob*
    -something something- jealous -something-, paired with lots of faux outrage

    Shut up, loser.

  • Go get a life! Cretino(a)!

  • ^ triggered ^

  • What is this???...... Comedy...... I'm not laughing

  • Just some jagoff thinking he's a noble self-sacrificing soul. His so called 'twin flame' probably doesn't know he exists.

  • Unless you provide detail, all you're doing is acting pretentious

  • Children do so love to try to be adults online, and it's so easy to burst their silly little bubbles :D

  • Perhaps you enjoyed ** them!

  • Projecting again?

  • Cynical, to say the least!

  • You say cynical, intelligent people say realistic

  • Well, well, well! If intelligent people are realistic, why on earth do they bother commenting? I assume you have nothing else better to do, this is why you enjoy being so cynical. If I am a child, then of course, should of guessed: You are the gifted narssistic adult. You always have to be two notches better than your opponent. You win! Happy now?

  • I am not hurting. The penny has dropped. I have grown up a lot. Have you?

  • Toddlers repeat themselves incessantly the same way you do. You haven't grown up at all, in fact you might actually have gone the other direction!

  • I am now at the stage when sperm meets egg. Rebirthing.

  • You care much, much more about Acting Hurt than being intelligent. There's nothing to "win" here, but that doesn't stop you from being a LOSER. Try growing up, a LOT, before attempting to interact with actual adults.

  • I'm not hurt. The penny has dropped. I've gown up a lot - have you?

  • You've "gown" up? What, you prance about in frilly dresses now? How sweet and precious.


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