My 1st Girl Girl experience

I had ended my freshman year of college and me and my friend Nora decided to go camping in Vermont. It was early June and still quite cool at night. After setting up tent we went for a walk and then got back to the campsite where we built a fire. About 930 we decided to call it a day and now it was like 45 degrees out. So we decided to share a sleeping blanket to keep warm.
As we laid there I was kinda spooning Nora side by side and the feel of her bum next to my crotch was intoxicating to say the least.
After about 10 minutes of this she started to kinda pump her hips into me and rubbing her bum up against my v*****. I was soaking wet by now . Nora then turned to me and said she was so h****. I kinda laughed nervously and said me too. She then pulled down her panties and began to rub her p**** and then took my hand and made me "help" her c**. Then she slid her finger into my p**** and we both came like a waterfall. Never forget that weekend!

Jun 17, 2020

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    Lucky girl to find such a friend. I did not find a friend like that till after I was married and in my thirties. Eventually my friend began to participate in activities within our marriage bed and my s** life has been incredible.

    A loving hubby and a little honey hole as well.

    I’m one lucky lady

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