I really need to strangle myself

I feel the need to strangle myself right now
I can't hold on any longer I can feel it growing stronger and stronger the pain and suffering I feel just won't go away
Till I strangle myself enough to pass out I won't have to here it or feel it for a little while then when I wake up I'll have to wait until the aide leaves then I can do it all over again

Jun 17, 2020

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  • Dude, just do it already. I'm tired and sleepy

  • I felt the same way a few days ago. I wish I knew how to handle it, but all I do is wait for it to pass, and then pretend it never happened. I'm sorry. Maybe just try to distract yourself with reading or watching videos. That's what I do.

  • The pain will be carried forward in the next life.. it won’t go away untill fully paidoff by you. We all fuckdolls of so called f****** GOD

  • I know you are not a preacher man

  • Go ahead. Knock yourself out.

  • ^ lol

  • And hurry, so we don't have to listen to your emo whining anymore!!

  • Where is the sympathy

  • Not here obvs, keep searching

  • He wants to be loved. And you idiots telling him to kill himself. How awful. I want to take his place.

  • No, we are making fun of somebody trying to get attention by repeating the same tired crap over and over, learn some basic reading comprehension

  • For one thing im a girl and i am verry susidale and ive started self harming sence i wrote this i need help and no one gives a rats assabought me i called the police and thay acted like i was invisable and none of the phyc hospitals wanted me the dr said i wasnt messed up enough to cae abought so i went home and put some pins up my ass and strangeled myself till i passed out

  • Oh and one more thing im not doing this for ation i have some serious mentail isues and i cant handle it by myself any moore fyi im trying to kill myself right now ive called every one i can and thay plane just dont care

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