Sissy Maid

Me and Beth got into a huge fight about something Friday night so I knew that she had not talked about the fight and she was still mad as h*** at me so I knew not to invite the guys over on Sunday to watch the game.Bobs wife called Beth and mentioned that her and Bob were bringing pizza over for the game Sunday.Beth hung up the phone and started screaming at me .I tried to calm her down and told her that I told everyone NOT to come over at all this weekend,and said I guess they were not listening.My wife told me that I better get through to my friends and stop them from coming over Sunday because she decided we were going to clean the house Sunday and I was going to be wearing my french maids outfit all day so If anyone to drop by then they would find out my big secret .She told me that I didnt want my friends finding out that we have a maid,,I would never hear the end of it. Sunday morning Beth made me put on my black and white PVC french maids outfit and everything that went with it,did my hair and makeup and I was praying that we didnt get any company because Beth said she would make me answer the door .

Jun 27, 2020

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