Daughters Panites

I have been jerking off and c****** into both my daughters panties for a few years. I have even left a few pair in the men/s room of a strip club. I enjoy the thought of strangers using them,

Jun 25, 2020

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  • My step daughter got suspicious when I kept some of her clothes and wasnt putting them back like I found them or even where id taken them from so she got a couple of those stuffed bears with the nanny cam in them .One night when Carol was out with friends I was checking my emails and saw there was one from Kelly,my step daughter . I thought I was going to have a heart attack when I opened the email and saw the pictures of me dressed up in her outfits,,bikinis and me j********** into her panties but worse were the ones of me sucking on her d**** and me f****** myself in the ass with it. The messege with the pictures told me to go to her room and pick out something to wear,put it on and do my hair and makeup then go sit on the couch and wait for her to get home. She said that if I didnt do it she was going to share all the pictures with her mom,,and everyone who I have contact with . I was waiting for her in the living room dressed in a skirt and heels as ordered when her mother walked in and caught me.Kelly had called and told her everything .Kelly told her that I would be sitting on the couch dressed in her clothes and was even wearing makeup so Carol came home as fast as she could. My wife and step daughter are the ones in charge of their house,I was forced to sign the house ,my car and boat and my bank accounts over to my wife in order to stay out of jail and divorce court. I have let my wife lock me in chastity to cure me of my m*********** problem which is good.Also Carol and Kelly took my credit card and went shopping so I have my own clothes to wear now ,I come home and feminize myself completly and am my daughters sissy slave . I deserve to be punished and am glad that they are being so leinant with my punishment .

  • Your daughter is going to grow up to be used and abused becuase you never loved her properly. And you yourself will come to regret your actions when Satan is peeling your c*** skin off.

  • Nice, dude. How old is she? I got re-married last year, and she has a 14 y/o. Hot little piece of a$$, I sniff and suck her used panties all the time. My own daughter is 17 and I started sniffing hers when she was about 11, and I still do when she stays over for the weekend. I’ve never had any interest in my daughter sexually, no judgment I’m just not interested. But I would give anything to FVCK my step-daughter! I have a very bad back, and take Lott’s of meds including opiates, I was thinking of slipping her something!

  • Do t slip her anything my friends step dad did and raped her she totally hates him now and said she would have had s** with him anyway he didn't need to do that.

  • I luv finding dirty little panties. Luv sniffing and licking the stains. Would be even better if they had daddies c** in them too! Yummy !

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