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I have set my wife up with well over 100 men. Several of them in groups and some of them back to visit her a few times. Over the past few years it wouldn't surprise me if she had 500 or more fresh loads of other men pumped deep in her. Plus mine every other day for many years.

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  • I was married to my 2nd wife for three years, one thing she asked and I allowed was for her to date once a month to "keep things exciting" is what she told me.
    So she was with around 30-40 guys, very few repeats, then one day her girl friend Sarah came over while she was out.
    When the wife found out, she left me. I told her Sarah wasn't that good but she was mad.
    Go figure.

  • I secretly captured all the action and uploaded on for the whole world to see:

  • I have been married 4 times, all four did some swinging with me, but the total for all of them is nowhere near that amount. 500 would seem to me to be dangerous. Closer to perhaps 5 or 6 except for the 1st wife, she kept track and it was 14. They sort of needed to be friends first, and in our case many were other couples. I enjoyed the swapping but with the right guys I preferred to just watch.
    Martha was a kick to watch, she was a dancer and could do the full splits while on top, I even have a couple of videos of that.

  • I would love to ** in her

  • Charming!
    It seems like having an opinion these days, is a crime!
    I you hurt a lot of innocent people, quite frankly it is my business!
    If there are young children involved, you better watch your backs!

  • Charming? Take a deep breath, Nancy. No where in the story does it mention children except for in your answer and perverted mind. How dare you think that. Sicko. You are disgusting.

  • You are sick in the head!

  • 59 MWM, My wife and I have an open marriage. I wanna be #501. I hope the pearl clutching Nancys see this.

  • Wow

  • Whitebusinessfox@gmail.com send me her nudes

  • I hope you and your other half are completely satisfied with yourselves!

  • Love to ** in u.

  • Very - thanks. Married just over 16,000 wonderful nights.

  • Good on you!
    You should be congratulated for servicing other men! _ Cheap thrills!
    Your husband is a complete loser for sharing you with other men. He obviously has NO respect for you or your body.

  • Love to do you.

  • Do you both want a medal?

  • I love the crituque - wondering how many are divorced, how many unhappy and how many still seeking happiness. Good luck.

  • You treat ** like a joke! You should both be ashamed of yourselves. Happiness is not found in having pleasure with many men ~ Are you for real?

  • How can one be so happy, if hubby shares your body and soul with so many men? You have misunderstood me because I treasure my body like a temple. It is sacred and I would not appreciate it if my husband set me up with so many men. I would leave him in a heartbeat if he did this to me!

  • Maybe she is more sexual than you pearl clutching ninnies? Ever think that maybe she is built differently and more refined than you?

  • What you consider refined, I interpret as whoring! ~ There is no respect for the sanctimony of marriage. Being like a 'dog on heat' is not what I call respect for your body or other half. I do not need to elaborate my sexuality on this forum- thank you very much!

  • Then why are you here and sticking your nose in others business and making snide, rude comments? Nothing better to do?

  • I am entitled to my opinions. If you don't like my comments, please ignore them if it offends you so deeply!

  • Right. Look at yourself. You could have ignored this post. But, no. You had to open your trap and proscute anyone with differing opinions than your own. For shame.

  • Yes, shame on you! Spread your legs for so many men and that makes you happy. As long as your sexual desires are met, that is all that matters. God knows how many marriages you have ruined just to satisfy your own narcissistic behaviours. **, **, ** Merry Christmas!

  • I can have views and opinions of my own. Stop controlling my thoughts by believing and thinking that what you do is appropriate. I don't respect you or your husband ~ End of story!

  • I'm not looking for respect or gratitude from your kind. Specifically the pearl clutching-nosy nellies, never able to mind their own business. You must be fun at gatherings, I bet the adults make you sit at the childrens table.

  • What I love is all the self righteous people commenting but yet they are sucking this stuff up like my lady ** up fresh **. Why are you even reading this you bigots who don't like it. Other comments are great but some of yours are so ** self centered desires. :)

  • People like you are good for nothing!

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