My New Younger Friend

Hi, I'm a high school age gayboy that's not open. I met a younger middle school age boy a month ago who I thought was gay also. We go to the beach nearly every day, lately a nude beach in SoCal, he stays in his speedos, I don't. I know he likes seeing me naked. The other day it was windy with sand blowing, so we got under the blanket. I asked him why he likes this beach and doesn't take his speedos off, he said "just because" I said you like seeing other's, is that it, he said yes, girl's. I said but there really aren't any girl's at this beach. I then told him I was bi which I'm really not and then touched his arm asking him if he would let me touch him. He quickly said okay but don't tell anyone. I took off his speedos and he was hairless with a large p****, my size even larger. Others nearby on the beach were looking at what we were doing with this one man coming over to us saying "what are you doing". He saw my younger friend and said, "leave him alone", told my friend, "don't let him touch you, you shouldn't be a this beach with him". We both got up after putting our speedos back on under the blanket and left with him yelling he'll tell the park people what you were doing if we came back. What do you think about this man doing what he did...? Was I wrong to take my younger friend to this beach...? I go to this beach and have seen others' doing what we were doing. Just curious about what others' think about this that's all.

Jun 26, 2020

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