Ex wife fantasy

When my ex wife and I were together we vacationed at a ** beach. Seeing my wife ** on the beach was great. Seeing other guys look at my almost naked wife on the beach and enjoying her t****** was also enjoyable. I never told her how much I liked her showing her pretty t****** on the beach. We have been divorced for some time but still talk on occasion. I finally told her how much I liked seeing her ** on the beach. She said she enjoyed it too. I told her I liked the other guys checking her out. She said she always thought I did because I always took her to the most crowded part of the beach. I apologized for doing that. She said don’t apologize, she said she was flattered that I thought she was pretty enough to want others to look. She said there was something exciting about walking through the crowd on the beach with me knowing I wanted to show her off. She said she enjoyed them looking at her bare chest and knowing that I liked it made her want them to look at them even more. I told her ever since that time on the beach I had always fantasized about having friends over for a Super Bowl party or something and asking her to be the hostess in just a thong and high heels. She laughed and said I know. I questioned how she knew. She said evidently I had told one of my friends about wanting to have her in just a thong and high heels and host a party and he had told her what I had said. I again apologized for my fantasy. She laughed again and said don’t apologize. She said after my friend told her that, she had thought about what it would be like to have friends over that she knew looking at her almost naked body. She said I wondered if you thought I was pretty enough to show off like that to friends. I laughed and said you have no idea. I told her I would have had the party in a heartbeat if I would have thought she would have done it and enjoyed it. I told her I had even thought about her doing it naked in just high heels but I thought that might be too much to ask. She said I always wondered if you wanted to show me off naked. She said that was why she always kept herself shaved bare. She said I never asked her to do it so She wasn’t sure. I laughed and said amazing. She asked what was amazing? I said I would have been happy to show all of her in a heartbeat, especially because she looked so good shaved. I said others seeing her pretty ** and shaved ** would have been great. Then she surprised me by saying she wished I would have asked her. She said she would have done it for me and her. She said for me because I wanted it and for her because I thought she was pretty enough to show off. She said just so you know, I would have done anything you wanted me to do because she thought it was flattering. I laughed and said be careful when you say anything because I might have wanted her naked and legs open to show her off that much more. She laughed and said she said anything and if naked and spread for everyone to see is what you had asked for then that is what I would have gotten. I said it’s a shame we can’t go back in time and give it a try. She said yes it is because she could close her eyes and see herself doing it for me and my friends and enjoying it. She said she had always fantasized about being a ** dancer in a club but never had the nerve to do it. She said she would have done that for me if I had asked. I guess you don’t know what you got till its gone.

Dec 14

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  • I am a divorced man myself and my ex and I talk quite often. We laugh and talk about some of the fun things we did when we were married. We both agreed that being on a ** beach was pretty fun for both of us. She talks about how much she liked others checking out her bare ** and walking with me on the beach knowing I liked showing her off to others. We sometimes talk about our fantasies that we never did together. Surprisingly she has some fantasies of her own that are quite interesting. We both have shared fantasies about her being **. Surprisingly again those fantasies are similar. She always laughs when I tell her I would have shown her naked on the beach if I could have. Then she says she would have loved that too. Sometimes I wonder if we had been more open with our fantasies when we were married, maybe it would have at least lasted longer.

  • Do you have pictures?

  • I will have to try to find them if I still have them. I know I took some and even video of her on the beach. Even though she is an ex I would love to show you pictures of her in just her thong on the beach. She has a great body and pretty t******.

  • Ex-wives are funny creatures. Our 5 years of marriage was the most vanilla boring ** you could imagine. After 20 something years apart, we got back together for awhile. OMG, what an insatiable **! Any position, finally gave up a**, and her new favorite getting throat rougher than anything on pornhub. I've wanted to slap that ** for years, imagine my surprise to find out she loved it. Win-Win.

  • Enjoy stroking to stories like this. Would like to hear more. bestucando98@yahoo.com

  • I never thought that my wife would go to a ** beach with me. But I asked her and to my surprise she said that she would. We went and I enjoyed all of the guys looking at her great body. I thought about letting the guys that came up closer to see her ** her. Many years later, I told her that I had thought about the guys ** her and she said that she would have if I had asked her.

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