Gay people are tearing society apart

Gay pride parades every week. Forced into all forms of media. Pushing their agenda in the face of everyone, even children. It’s disgusting. They’ve achieved their goal. They’re more than accepted in modern society. Quit pretending like you’re oppressed. If you were oppressed I would be able to turn my TV on without some flamboyant homosexual hosting the show on every channel. I’d be able to turn my computer on without gay propaganda being injected into my brain. It’s ridiculous.

There’s even a Disney program coming out soon about two gay boys. Now they’re forcing it on children. Remember when Disney movies were about wholesome heterosexual relationships? A prince and a princess. Next thing you know there’s gonna be LGBTBBQ versions of all our childhood favorites.

I myself won’t have children due to the ever increasing possibility that they will be gay and I won’t subject an innocent life to such sin. But I fear for other people’s children.

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  • A person's sexuality in my opinion, should be a private affair. No one should care about anyone's sexuality. Like whoever you like, love freely and without regret. So why advertise it? Do straight people come out of the closet? So why should anyone else? Don't limit yourselves and don't allow anyone else, do the same. Live and let live, we're on this planet together.

  • I don't care what a person is attracted to or what made-up name they NEED to attach to their s3xuality... just keep it out of my face. Ooh, does that make me a hateful bigot now? Well, keep up with that attitude and see where it gets you... You haven't seen hate yet.

  • And you Americans say child molestation is wrong. How pathectic.

  • It's so refreshing to hear from a likeminded NORMAL person.
    Society needs to return to the days when these s*** stabbers and dykes were ashamed of their perversions and quietly kept themselves to themselves.

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