Domestic violence is impossible

If you’re my Wife, you’re my slave and I’m your King. Submit to my will and you won’t get hurt

Dec 7, 2020

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  • I'm seriously sitting here rolling my eyes, shaking my head and laughing out loud. Like the other commenter said, you need to get out of your mom's basement, take a shower and start becoming an adult.

  • Correct

  • The reason you have to say “if” is because you’re actually alone.. no surprise why

  • I require my wife to have s**. I just say on your back legs apart

  • We were driving today and I said to her that I would like to spank her. After some discussion, we agreed that she would let me.

    Later today as a part of foreplay she lay across my lap in the bedroom. It was actually quite awkward as I had never put someone in that position before and probably had not thought through the practicalities too well. I also probably spanked her too hard to start with and she reacted quite negatively. I suspect that if I had been very gentle. Just patting, I could have gotten her used to the idea with out the pain first.

  • Only if the wife shares the same delusion you do

  • Caveman !
    And no, I'm not a bird.I'm a bloke.

  • Sweetieeeee! Your hot pockets are ready! Come up out of the basement!

  • Lmao this the type dude to p*** in empty mnt dew bottles, b**** prolly smells like new ports and his moms titty milk

  • Cynthia your a tremendous idiot

  • Dylan, stop eating rocks

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