Job hopping for obesity

I want to fatten up before I quit my job people say you should switch employers every 2-3 years now, so I’m working hard to turn myself into a fat pig before I leave this job. When I start my next job, I’ll already be massive, so there won’t be any judgement for stuffing my face and turning myself into an obese blob.

Ideally, I’d like to work remote anyway so I just never have to stop eating.

17 days
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  • Do you smoke?

  • Nah, I’ve heard that would help me get fatter though

  • You plan on smoking then?

  • Are you a male or female?

  • Maybe you are not in the U.S. but 40% of American adults are clinically obese. Obese.

    If your are, you’re really just part of the sizable (hah hah) minority. You need to shoot for morbidly obese, then you’d be a somebody! At least until you clench your chest as you die from cardiac arrest.

  • At least I’d die a jiggling whale stuffed till I’m about to pop with greasy delicious food.

  • Make or female?

  • Perhaps you're just an idiot. There's a wild theory...

  • Pull your head out of your **.

  • Your kink probably makes you look like an idiot too

  • Why you wanna be a fatty?

  • It’s a fetish for me. I get off on the feeling of overeating and getting fatter.

  • No one wants to hire a fat slob.

  • Is that why you’re unemployed?

  • Skills matter more than size, and when you’re remote what do they care about how you look?

  • Work at Walmart, most of their staff is obese.

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