Best Mothers Day Ever

I’m 48 and a mother of 3. Been married to the same man for 24 years. He is amazing. A great man and incredible in bed. He is 48 as well about 6 foot 1 and well endowed. He is 7.5 inches long and just shy of 6 inches of girth. Once we had s** I knew I must marry this man and have not had another c*** since. Or at least not until about a month ago on Mother’s Day weekend.

My oldest son is home from college due to the pandemic and since things had not been too bad here in Texas until lately I told him he could have a few of his friends over that he ran track with back in high school. So he invited these two twins that were on the relay team with him. They were a year younger and thus graduating this year. They spent most of the day in the pool. But later that afternoon my son had to go to work to deliver pizzas. I told them they could stay till it started to get dark if they wished and if it were fine with there mom.

My son headed off to work. My husband was out doing some work on his parents house and the girls had a play date with some friends upstairs. I wen ahead and retreated to the master bedroom. Sat in the sitting area and grabbed my iPad to do some reading. From the love seat in the sitting area I could see the pool.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. The boys were naked! At first I was appalled. What would the neighbors say if they saw them. What about the girls and their friends upstairs. Then I saw their c****. OMG!!! I never saw a black c*** in person. They were huge. These boys c**** looked as big as my husband and they were not erect. Next thing I knew I set my iPad down and began pleasuring my self as I watched them. I must have really been getting into it.....

The next thing I knew the boys were standing in front of me and said in unison, “mrs m, it looks like you could use some help can we assist you mam?” I should have been more lady like and covered up. But my desires took over and I quickly said, “yes, my kitten needs attention. Do you know how to treat an old p**** cat. She wants to purr. Can you make her purr?” Those boys smiled so big.

They took turns having their way with me. I had to instruct them some as they did get a bit rough at times. But boy it was incredible. They came inside every hole. I never been f***** up the ass before. It hurt but they begged for it and they made me feel so good. My husband had begged for 25 years but I gave it to these boys in less than 25 minutes.

They laughed as they were getting dressed to leave and I lied there in bed out of breath with c** dripping from every hole. “Mrs M. You are a real MILF. You are now our MILF. The Mother We LOVE to F***. Thanks for being our first MILF. Have a happy MILF Day. “

As they left I heard the garage door open. My husband was home. I sent him a text. I’m in the shower. Come join me. I’ve been thinking about you all day. I want my Mother’s Day present early.” I knew that would make him rush into the shower. I hurried to get wet. I didn’t want to have their c** in my hair when he came to the shower.

James walked in the shower. His c*** was already rock hard he kissed me then dropped to his knees. He loves to eat my p****. It was amazing having my husband eat my p**** knowing that it was just filled with the c** from two young black c****.

We had some incredible s**. The best ever. Well the best we had together. My best was with those two boys.

I even let James in the back door.

All I can say is BBC is king and girth does matter. I can’t wait to have the boys over again

Jun 30, 2020

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  • Fantastic present for your husband

  • I would be absolutely devastated if my wife did anything like this. I would be insanely furious if I found out that she let me eat her p**** that was full of other men’s c**. There would be no forgiveness whatsoever and I hope I’d have the faculties about me to to execute them all.
    You might get away w the cheating. Things happen. Not saying it’s ok but things do happen and in some instances it can be forgiven and maybe move forward.
    But knowingly feeding your husband another mans c** and the humiliation that would come form that is an absolutely horrible thing to do to a man you supposedly love and say he is “a great man”, “he’s amazing in bed” etc. Moreover he’s begged you for 20+ years for a*** yet you give it to 2 strangers before your husband?
    Worse of all young man can not keep secrets. They brag about anything like that. That’s why they were smiling. They just f***** their friends s*** mom and will enjoy telling everyone.
    I’m sure they’ve already bragged about it to others and I’m sure your son knows which adds more humiliation to the 2 men in your life that love and care for you.
    All to be f***** by two black guys who you don’t know and have no idea what STDs they may or may not have.
    You never considered the fallout if they happened to have..o say genital warts or herpes etc? Then your husband had his mouth all over their c** and your germ covered p****.
    In other words what you meant to say is you live w a man you do not love or respect and f***** 2 of you sons friends in your marital bed oh and not to mention you allowed them to be nude in the sight of you daughter and her friends?
    What the f*** is wrong with you?
    I hope he finds out and leaves your ass and your son has nothing to do with you.

  • F*** off with your moralising. No-one gives a s*** what you think.

  • Wow Jack

    That’s mean.

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