The loves of my life

I dated this girl for two years. We fell in love. Then she crushed me. She dumped me for another guy. It has been over four months and I think I am mostly over it. I don't hate her anymore but I still have feelings for her.

Sometimes I feel like I will never fall in love again. Like I will be alone for the rest of my life. Almost all of the girls I have gone after say they see me like a brother or just want to be friends. They say I am cute but don't see me like that. Are they lying?

I haven't seen the only other girl I know that has liked me for two years. We are just starting to talk again. Her and her boyfriend just broke up and she says she wants to come see me. I used to like her a lot. But she has gone through some dramatic changes in the years that we haven't seen each other. I am kind of scared that I won't like who she has become or that I won't like what she has done.

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