Revenge feels good

When I was 8 years old my uncle raped me. They were babysitting me when my aunt went to the store. He picked me up and put me face down on the kitchen table. I couldn't touch the floor my little legs were just dangling in the air. He pulled my pants down and f***** me as I cried. I didn't tell and I guess he felt safe because he did it several more times over a year.
I am 16 now. My uncle has a medical condition and is confined to a bed. My aunt takes care of him but when she needs to run errands she pays me to sit with him.
When I get him alone I reach underneath the covers and squeeze his b**** until he cries and begs me to stop. I DON'T! I inflict as much pain on him as I can and I enjoy it.

27 days

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  • You should set his curlys on fire

  • That’s right! Give ‘em a good, hard, painful squeeze for me.

  • Bro just murder this b****. Seriously.

  • F*** Cleveland nuke it man

  • You should cut his d*** off.

  • Do it! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!

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