Spying on my Sister

Back when I was 14 I accidentally discovered that my older sister would shower with the bathroom window open, and my bedroom window was a great vantage point to see said event happen. So she would not see me watching her, I hung an old beach towel over my window, being that it was old there was several holes in it that allowed me to peek out and watch her without being seen. For like the next year and a half my sister provided me a lot of entertainment, getting to see her perky little t*** on a regular basis. Then one day, she stopped opening the bathroom window, thus ruining my entertainment, so I started to get sneaky. I would find ways to get into the bathroom first to open the window before she had her shower. In doing that I was able to, at the very least, get to see her undress and enter the shower. While through this method, I was only able to get to see her naked for only a minute or so, anything was better than nothing. I still got to see her perky little t*** and furry little p**** and her cute little ass. But I needed to up my game, I wanted to see more. I discovered that the house had a crawlspace underneath and one day when nobody was home I went under and made a hole in the heating duct so I could see into the bathroom. My hope was to be able to see her dress and undress, but I would take anything I could get.

A few days later my sister was doing a little sunbathing, I knew her routine well, I probability knew her routine better than she did, the first thing that she did after sunbathing was head to the shower to wash the suntan lotion off. I preceded to open the bathroom window in preparation of her shower, and I spent the rest of the time watching her enjoy the sun. She finished up about a half an hour later and headed into the bathroom, where I watched her undress through the open window. Her tan lines really stood out which really highlighted her pink nipples in the middle of her b******, and her white little ass nearly radiated against the bathroom walls. After a few moments she entered the shower and boom, the window was closed... now on to phase two. I dove into the crawlspace under the house and made my way over to the heating vent, and peeked through the hole, it was like I was sitting in the bathroom with her invisible. She showered for what seemed like forever, I was unable to see her for the shower doors were frosted, but after a few minutes she shower was off and she was about to exit. My level of excitement was through the roof right, I was so looking forward to seeing more of her incredible tan lines, and then she stepped out of the shower... Wrapped in a towel. I could not believe how bad my luck was, after all of that preparation to be denied by a simple towel. Then, the unbelievable happened, she walked over to the heating vent and then dropped the towel. Of all the things I was expecting to see at that moment this wasn't it, I suddenly realized that I was looking straight up between my sister's legs right at her tight p**** lips, I had never seen a p**** up close before that moment, I was in complete awe of what I was seeing. She only stood there for a moment, but it felt like a lifetime. I rushed back to my room to... contemplate about what I had just seen... Ah who am I fooling, I went to j*** off to what I had saw, all I have to say is that my sister really helped me get through puberty!

Jul 11, 2020

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  • I think a lot of guys have spied on a sister. She's right there and young boys are burning with curiosity. I did it a few times and a friend of mine at age twelve invited us to watch his sister through the shower vent in the attic. It is usually a short phase thing from about 11 to 13 years. When you start wanking regularly you start feeling guilty.

  • I used to watch my mom and my sister through the exhaust fan from the attic. but i didnt ever invite friends over.

  • I have peeped while my sister was bathing. During evenings she used to take bath. So I sneaks out of the house and climbs up to the small ventilation window of the bathroom from outside and have a good look of all her assets. She has small b**** but pointed and round with pink nipples. Her p**** was hairy and dark. From her removing dress to soaping massaging each part of her body playful with her t*** and some time strongly washing her p**** and drying off was my jerking views. I used to j*** watching her bath and coming back to bed too I jerks off and sleeps to dream having good s** with my sister.

  • Love her s** and my moms

  • I use to try and peek in the window of my neighbors when I was 15 or so. They were 3, 20 something girls, living there and there was 1 that particularly bad my attention. My bedroom was right across from her window. So each night I would turn out my lights and hope she would not close her shades. My luck was not that good but the excitement I felt was amazing. After some time I think all 3 knew that I was peeking but never said a word. But my luck changed one night. My girl came home late from a date and went to her room and began to undress leaving the curtains open enough and that was too much for me, I headed outside to get a closer look and I was not disappointed she got completely naked and I got to see the first woman naked in my life. She was a brunette in every since of the word. I only wished that I had been older and tried to make a move on her but still a great memory!!!

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