Twin sister

I found out, that i have been f****** my girlfriends twin sister.
They look so much alike each other. for some reason its like a game they play, swapping partners.

Jul 15, 2020

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  • Sounds amazing

  • Growing up, the only twins I knew were also like that. My husband's brother looks like his twin but isn't. I'm not sure how long, but he's pretended to be my husband to get with me several times that I know of. Honestly, it is a turn on so when I catch on I play naïve and pretend he is my husband. There were times when it was easy to tell what was up and there were lots of other times I didn't. My husband still has never brought it up so I still don't know if my husband was ever in on it or if it was always just his brother's doing. I think it stopped as they stopped looking alike. I miss those times

  • Lucky you!

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