Stomach sitting

I want women of weight preferably 55-60 kg to sit on my stomach for long time

Jul 17, 2020

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  • I have always enjoyed being sat on full weight for hours by a man or a woman. As a child, boys and girls would sit on me during play fights. I loved it.
    I am living in a province in the north of the Netherlands now and would really like to know if there are any men or women around who would like to sit on me full weight for hours on end. I will gladly orally satisfy you if you get turned on from grinding my stomach down with your lovely and merciless weight. Please let me know, my stomach is waiting for you to sit on.

  • Are you male or female ?

  • There’s nothing wrong with that it just means you are submissive to certain women. That doesn’t mean you would let anyone else do that to you. Lots of people men and women do this. Considering all of the other things people are into these days, I don’t see what the big deal is, I don’t believe it’s sinful and as long as it doesn’t get anyone hurt or it’s illegal then do it. You may already know some women or at least one that would probably do it for you, offer to pay her, sort of a part time job.

  • It really does work. Over the years I have paid several women to sit on me. I even sat on one or was it two. Anyway, it was quite a thrill.

  • I have done precisely that. There is a woman who weighs about 350 pounds who I pay to sit on my stomach for as long as I can take it - usually a couple hours or so. We do this about once a month and I enjoy it immensely. She sits on me with her full weight and bounces as hard as she can. I just love it even though I'm just half her size.

  • We all want you to die

  • There's something really wrong wifth all you people

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