I Don't Find Her Attractive Anymore

I met her 6 months ago, ,
The first thought that came to my mind was " Nobody is gonna like her". Great.
Then, i saw her again, but could not see her face as she was sitting infront of me. For the next three days, i only wanted to see her face again, but could not.
Then, i met her in my class, and was instantly got attracted to her. I liked her.
THings went on like that for a month, we spoke sometimes, we met here and there, and everything with her was awesome.
Then, somehow i got her number, but i did not call. She called, to tell me something about i dont remember. Then the phone calls never stopped. WE spoke till 3 am, went out for tea and coffee at mid nights, i was flying above the moon.
Then, we were sent to same place, where we stayed together for more than 3 months and that was awesome too. i have had past relationship, of which one was really good, but with her i felt happy, i could tell her anything, i never felt like having anything with any other women. But then, she moved out to her place and i cried, cried like a baby that night.
After that night, everything changed. Suddenly i did not wanted to talk to her, she used to call me 3 times a day from her home, i felt like not talking to her. i really dont know why. I missed her, but did not wanted to talk. Then slowly i felt like she is not beautiful, and all those pictures we took together, i saw her and realised she is not beautiful. I do not want her in my life. Every call made me go far from her. Those moments with her felt useless now, everything felt boring. I started comparing her to every other girl i saw and realised she is not beautiful enough for me. I just got bored of her. Now i feel like ignoring her, i cry though sometimes, thinking about how horrible as a person i am. I am going to ignore her calls in the near future, i will feel irritated if she texts me. I just messed up a girl's life whom i really thought was one day i will be married. She was perfect. but now, i dont feel like. Sorry.

Jul 24, 2020

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  • Wow, you are really screwed up and narcissistic, you know that?

  • She may or may not have a pretty face, but you're ugly in other ways. Constantly crying when you're not judging other people is ugly as h3ll. In fact, I think we're talking major mental illness here. You have no room to be judging anything except maybe a pudding cup in the chronic ward.

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