Girlfriends Strange Fantasies

About 10 years ago I started seeing this woman. She was nice, sexy and the s** was good. But when we first started having s** she brought up fantasies. She asked me what my wildest fantasies were and I was a bit hesitant, but I told her, to have 3way with sisters or a 3way with a mom an daughter. I thought she'd g all p***** off because she had a daughter and I didn't want her to think i meant her because she was just a kid, but she didn't. So I asked her what her wildest fantasy was, but I could tell she was hesitant to tell me, but she finally did.

She told me she has fantasies of being molested and raped since she was very young, 10. She said she always fantasies about her dads friends touching her and still now has these fantasies. But even then she was 32 and had fantasies of being 10 and being molested and raped. So I understood it to be ageplay, something I didn't know much about at the time.

So we would talk about fantasies while we f***** a lot but we always ended up talking about hers. But it was weird because it really bothered her that she wasn't molested or raped at a young age. Don't get me wrong, she still loved the idea of being raped, even gangraped but she would always imagine herself at the age of 10. So I started to give her possible scenarios that maybe they did molest her or even rape her but she blocked it out. And that actually made her feel better.

I would make up things, like maybe her dad would drug her and then when she was passed out he let his friends molest and rape her. It was so weird because she would always go back to being disappointed that it never happened. We gated for about 9 months but I could see this was going to continue to be a problem so I broke up with her.

Jul 25, 2020

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  • Post divorce I found a gf. Going from a wife who never wanted s** to a girl was adventurous was great fun. Eventually she dumped me and I think in a way she was using my kink to work through her issues and possibly kinks. After any activity she would use her vibrator, her little helper as she called it, to reach o*****. She never reached o***** having s** with me. The first thing was she did not want me to ask her if it was OK to do whatever. I am a bit of a s*****. I like to be in control and she suited me beautifully.

    A bit of background that came out. Her mom was quite weird and controlling and treated her as a little girl even into get twenties. An example she gave would be that when they were in the supermarket but shopping separately, her mom would go to the counter and have her paged and when she come to the counter, her mom, infront of the store employee would slap her on the wrist and tell her she was a bad girl and to wait until they got home.

    Anyway so I would come over to her place and simply give instructions and sometimes just rip her clothes off and lie her on the bed and tie her spread eagle and f*** her. Sometimes I would tell her to go and get me something to whip her with and then I would whip her. Beautiful welts.

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