Dying to Share

My girlfriend and I have dated for eight years and have always expressed our desires and fantasies with each other. One of those fantasies was for her to have s** with other men, and of course it wasnt very hard to get her to agree with it! She is 31, beautiful and has a very strong s** drive. Over the past eight years, she has been with alot of other guys. I enjoy this as much as she does. She comes home and, in detail, describes her lover and their time together as we have s**. I must admit, I love the feeling of her after she has had another c*** inside of her! One day she found a new lover. He is African American, and he insisted on c****** inside of her and so she agrees. The first time she came home after letting him c** in her she insisted that I give her oral s**, which I did because I always wanted her to know how much I love her after she was with another man. At that time I didnt know she would let another man have a orgasym inside of her. She would always insist on having protected s**, until this guy. That night she came home and wanted oral s** and it didnt take me long to know what she let him do! It was the best s** ever and we still do it to this day! And If it wasnt for this night, I would not have my beautiful daughter!!!

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  • Fantastic. well done you. i would have done the same for my wife too

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