Wife doesnt understand

I have confessed here before about my fantasies of wanting my wife to dress more provocative, slutty . My fantasy of watching her flirt with guys and having a MFM threesome. Even just watch her with another man. Mostly any fantasy were she can be with anyone she wants. So this is a confession / vent / question She is a beautiful woman, very small with large b******, a decent ass and we have been happy for a long long time. We wear high school sweethearts. But she was not a virgin and had a few partners befor and during a breakup right befor we married witch wear all blessed with larger d**** than I have she confessed to me one night when we were drinking Now that I’m older(41) and showing my age and she still looks like she is in her 20s She could be with pretty much anybody she wants . She Still tells me all the time how she loves me and needs me and my d*** is plenty for her. But she never seems to be interested in any form of physical or sexual interaction with me at all unless we are intoxicated. Then she becomes totally into me sexually. She will try any position and try most anything except a*** and she likes to suck, kiss, get spanked , oral , get tied up All the good stuff. But at my age if I’m drinking getting an erection is not always possible witch causes her to become even less interested in s** at all. But she won’t drink if I’m not so I have tried a toy she didn’t like and she says when I am down on her her o****** are weak and not worth it without my d*** after for a good one so I have tried to convince her that I would be fine with her trying someone else and told her all my fantasies. Witch she was completely unresponsive to and told me I was a pervert and then she has not spoken of any of it ever again. So s** has settled back to only when drinking and I have to basically make sure I only drink a little bit but appear to be drinking with her. And befor I get a bunch of hate. I am gainfully employed, own our large home and have our entire marriage. She other than s** has been a wonderful wife and is also employed and we have a great time together none sexually. I do romantic things and date dinners when possible road trips and get her flowers randomly and never forget birthdays , holidays, anniversaries Or anything like that. And my fantasies really only started getting perverted about the time she started not wanting s** on any of those occasions saying that it seemed like a duty to have s** during any of those times so I only get it when she is pretty drunk. So Am I wrong to think that the combination of my smaller d*** , with occasional alcohol caused ED, has made her hate s**? But if so why is she so horned up when drinking ? Sorry so long and hope it’s not confusing I’m not a writer I just had to put it all into words and tell somebody .

Jun 14

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  • Much like your wife, my wife was either all into s** or not at all. I learned over a few years how to push her beyond what most would consider normal and during these times she would be open to literally anything I wanted and it was then that I questioned her about her fantasies. Got a few interesting responses from her and did everything I could to fulfill her fantasies although at first she pretended to be embarrassed.

  • Well hear is a little follow up. after I wrote this and it had been up a couple days I decided that I would try another approach and had one of my friends she has always seemed to really Like and enjoy his company As he lightly flirts with her occasionally. I let him read my confession and he said he would love to be with her so I had him stop by her work and flirt a bit with her to see if she responded to him. He said she did a little but he didn’t want to push it there so I am going to have him come over to our house for drinks and then figure out some way to leave them alone, get drunk or fall asleep and see how far she will let him go. I’ll post again after this weekend

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