Neighbor gets a show

The wife and I like to occasionally have s** near windows. The thought of being seen excites us both. Once in a while we were certain that we were seen from a distance, but one night we knew for sure that our neighbor upstairs got a really nice show. We were having s** on the recliner, with the shades open but facing the back yard, so there was less chance of being seen. We then heard Dave our neighbor upstairs from our condo unit go out on to his deck for a smoke. I said we should probably close the shades or move, but the wife said he probably won’t be able to see. Well…about 2 minutes later she leaned in close and said that she can see that Dave was indeed, looking down over the side of his deck and getting a really good show and she was going to give him more to see. She then leaned back a bit more to give him a nice view of her pink & perky nipples. A few minutes later we were both having an incredible o***** that we will never forget.

Jul 26, 2020

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  • We too have done such exhibitionist s** to our neighbor nosy lady many times.

  • Yup, my wife is also a closet exhibitionist. At home she keeps all the windows slightly uncovered and LOVES to put on 'innocent' shows for imagined, hoped for and real watchers. I'll never forget the day I came home from work to see four teen males spying in our first floor apartment windows. I expected to find her naked and worse but she was just in her undies putting laundry away.

    On vacation and when far from home and those that know her she gets MUCH more bold. Too bold for my tastes actually. Many of those times are her favorite memories of us. I'm usually worried about legal troubles at her favorite times.

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