So relaxed

The other day i was alone with my wife's sister and she sucked me off, we were just hanging out and she said something about a b*******, I scoffed and she said "those don't happen anymore?", I said "Not for two years at least".
A couple minutes later she is sucking me off, Swallowed and sat back down, She said "Three things...Never a word to anyone...Don't ever make the mistake of thinking this means anything....Annnnd NEVER under any circumstances think this will ever happen again...If you ask for it or push for it, Maybe in a year, maybe in ten, Who knows".
we had a nice relaxing afternoon and when my wife got home we were both sitting on the back deck laughing and talking. What a great day.

Dec 2, 2020

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  • Who can i talk to about my sister touching me when i was younger and i keep having flash backs

  • Will that happen to me to how old are you I was 10 my sister was at 26

  • Be careful, My wife's neice did that and now she holds it over my head to keep me doing it one or two times a year just when she is drunk and being a b**** but she makes it too risky and we will get caught one day.

  • Remind her that she's in as much s*** as you are, so if she wants to tell then she's telling on herself too. It might not seem so powerful to say to you, but she'll feel it inside

  • My wife's sister lived with us for a few months after she split with her husband. When my wife went shopping, she always said she didn't want to go, then while the wife was gone she would give me a hand job. All she would do besides that is show me her t***. I didn't complain one bit. One strange woman, she could climax doing that.

  • I remember 15 years ago when my wife's middle sister Amy who works for me did and said the same thing. But it was in my office, she knelt down unzipped my pants and blew me. She knew my c*** was large almost 9 nches as my wife bragged about it. Her husband's is small 5 inches.

    Two weeks later, working late Amy dragged me to the office lifted her dress and we f***** like animals for 3 hours. We have s** or 69 almost everyday for 15 years. Amy now has 4 kids all are mine, we did paternity tests. Her husband thinks there his so does my wife.

    I love Amy, but she said she will not hurt her sister and I have to f*** her sister too every time we have s**. I don't mind the s** but i only love Amy.

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