I am a 63 year old male and living on my own. Havent had s** since years even before my wife passed away.

Few weeks ago I recieved a txt message on my phone to "please call me". It was from a number unknown to me and I replied in text to inform the texter that it was probably a wrong number on his/her part. Few minutes later the same text came again. I decided to call to set the misunderstanding straight. It was a young female voice that answered but she immediately terminated the connection when she heard my voice. The next night the same text came through again. This time I ignored putting it down to someone trying to pester me. Then a few minutes later again. And again. I text back to kindly inform the young one that this is going nowhere. Next came a message: saw you at the pool! I immediately knew what that implied. Lately I got into the habit of masturbating on the deck by the pool, sometimes in broad daylight. I was under the impression that it was in private as there are solid walls fencing the pool. Now it seemed that somehow this girl had seen me. I textd back: why were you looking? Her answer: you have a nice one - invite me. Our series of texts that followed revealed that she was a 14 year old from the neighborhood whom I knew only from sight. Why would she be interested in and old gray-haired man masturbating? I was very sceptical at first but she convinced me that she was quite serious. We then made an appointment that she would come over the next day. I now enjoy the company of a beautiful young lady teasing me with her naked body while I demonstrate my masturbating skills. Hope this will soon lead to more . . .

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  • you are going to jail and you show that big hair guy name ice pick how you beat off

  • ur a pedo

  • PEDO dream!!

  • There is a 25 year sentence for that s***. Thats the rest of your sad miserable life. You would suck a fine d*** in jail, you sick f***.

  • If you only knew her from sight then how the h*** did she get your cell phone number. Is she a 14 year old Magnum P.I.?
    Got to be a B.S. story just to see what kind response you would get.

  • poor girl.... your disgusting

  • You realize this is illegal. 14 years old. Amazing.

  • Hope cops cia whatever trace this too you.
    You know what
    I'm leading them your way!
    Im reporting you blog!
    I know someone who was arrested through internet activity.

  • this is fake

  • BUUuuuuullllllssshhhhhiiiitttt

  • Cut it off. This is bad news.

  • Go old timer! Yay!

  • Oh it will lead to more! You will be in jail! Will that be enough for you?

  • dude u are sick that s*** is f***** up..think if u had a 14 year old daughter how would u feel her f****** old men?

  • 63 years old? wow, you would think that in 63 years you would have learned that exposing your self to a MINOR is a felony!

    You are DISGUSTING!!!

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