My Queen Mistress

She told me to always j*** off ten or fifteen minutes before I came to see her. Three days each week I would come to her office and she would take me in her mouth. She had an oral fixation and a c** fetish. Plus she loved the longer it took for me to get hard. She was gorgeous too, beautiful black queen. Amazing eyes, perfect curves, great legs and pretty toes (I licked them one time). She was also the boss. I would go to her office at 4:30 and everyone would usually be gone. I’d go stand behind her desk and she stayed sitting in her chair. She would never just unzip my pants, she liked them all the way down. Then she would lick and suck my flaccid c*** until it grew between her juicy lips. She no gag reflex but she new I loved that sound, so she’d always make it when she took all of me. I have never had better head than her. And the strangest part that was sexy is when I came in her mouth she came without touching herself. Her chair was usually soaked when we finished. She would play with my c** in her mouth for a while before she swallowed. Then we would lay naked on the couch kissing and caressing each other until she was ready to leave. This went on for a little over a year and her payment to me was always the panties or pantyhose she was wearing. To this day I j*** off with them pressed against my mouth and nose. I keep them vacuum sealed so they keep her scent and taste.

Jul 27, 2020

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