Salon Secrets

My wife Carol used to work in Hair Salon alongside an older lady called Mary , the Salon wasn't fully unisex but did attend to males on Fridays and Saturday mornings . One day during lunch Mary had explained to Carol about a h**** game she played with certain males that came into the Salon , whilst having their hair trimmed /cut the guys would wear a thin nylon Cape draped over the body , tucked around the collar whilst seated , this obviously stopped the cut hair from dropping into clothes , Mary told Carol the thin material easily showed where the guys hands were positioned whilst having their hair cut , most allowed their arms to lay along the arms of the cutting chair but some rested their hands on their thighs .

Mary would ensure the guys she wished to play her game on were attended to in the chair on the far left of the Salon , this ensured her actions were all but invisible to anybody seated in the waiting area including in the mirrors . Mary would begin by wrapping the Cape and noting the hands position then play her game out accordingly , if the guys had his hands along the chair arms Mary would rub her p**** mound on his hand as it folded over the arm rest , reaching over to cut the fringe she would place a hand on the guys thigh , this made the material tighten and Mary would observe whether her actions were being appreciated by the guy becoming erect , if the guy had a hard-on Mary would continue her tease sometimes placing her fingers over the c*** ridge as she trimmed the fringe .

My wife told me of Marys escapades in the Salon and I asked Carol if she'd ever done the same , she confessed she had rubbed herself up on a few of the guys hands / knuckles and admired their Hardons but never gone as far as to actually touch their c****. I find the whole scenario thrilling and we had great s** discussing it .

Carol told Mary that she'd explained the game to me and Mary laughed saying "well let's see how things go this Friday but we need to be careful " , during the week appointment's came through over the phone and Mary noted one guy in particular and arranged for him to be last customer Friday afternoon and put him against Carols list , I kept bringing the subject up at home and I could tell Carol was highly excited by the fact she knew I was giving her permission to play Marys game .

Friday afternoon came round and the guy walked and sat down on the waiting seats far left Mary winked at Carol after finishing the cut on her present customer... walked down and span the chair around for the guy to sit in , Carol said he seemed a little off by not being seen to by Mary , so Carol made light conversation whilst she wrapped the caped and prepared him , Carol noted his hand position on the rests and immediately set about playing , as Carol leaned over to begin cutting she felt her p**** come into contact with his hand , this time she felt him raise his knuckle into her wet groove , she rocked against it momentarily not wanting to be too obvious ( one of Marys rules ) moving around the other side she once again rubbed her p**** against his hand , this time she could see Mary watching intently in the mirror reflection , Carol then moved to his front and placed her hand on his thigh tucking the nylon tight against his long hard c*** , Mary winked as their eyes met ...she knew he was big ...and game , Carol placed her fingers into the material and deflty allowed her fingers to trace along his c*** outline , doing her best to do a neat job on his hairline moving around to the other side of the chair she once again began fingering his c*** softly as she trimmed his fringe , once completed carol took the brush from its mound and began brushing the cut hair from the Cape , again taking great care to brush along his c*** admiring it's firmness ,

When Carol returned home that evening she kissed me and whispered "guess what I did today?" She then took my hand and placed a very wet pair of knickers into it ..."you took your knickers off ? " I asked ...Carol explained , as she walked past Mary after the guy had left the Salon , Mary had reached into her pocket and pulled out a round handled hairbrush " here I always use this after I've done him" , Carol smiled and took the brush from Mary and made her way to their changing room where she brought herself off with Marys sacred brush ...A very exciting moment in our lives.

Jul 27, 2020

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