Eve and I

Tied to the chair I watched, as Eve slid her sheer white pantyhose over her freshly painted red toes. Then up her dark Nubian legs, and over her hair coved mound to her thick waist. Her nipples on her large breast erect like my c***. She sat on the end of the bed with her legs crossed flexing her nylon covered toes. Then Eve slid her hand down the front of her pantyhose, the beautiful sound from between her thighs made me throb more. Her hand exits her pantyhose, and her plump painted red lips part as she smile her perfect teeth. Eve stood up and walked towards me, sat on my lap and slid her fingers in my mouth. The taste of her made my c*** jump, grazing her nylon crotch which sent chills down my spine. Eve then stood up and stepped back.

Eve: You love my pantyhose?
Me: Yes mistress.
Eve: You want to feel them don’t you?
Me: yes mistress.

Eve walked toward me again, then perches her toes on the chair right in front of my b****.

Eve: do you love the way my red toes look thru these hose?
Me: yes mistress, they look perfect.

Eve stepped back again, playing with her erect nipples on her supple t***.

Eve: you wanna f*** these feet?
Me: yes mistress. I would love to f*** your feet.
Eve: where will you c**?
Me: on your pretty red toes mistress.
Eve: good boy. Whose going to clean your c** off my pantyhose?
Me: we will mistress.
Eve: good answer.

Eve cam back close and untied me. She then pulled a small vibrator out her purse and took her pantyhose down and slid it inside of herself. I sat still in the chair waiting for my instructions, my c*** throbbing like never before. She laid back on the bed and turned her vibrator on. And once her nylon crotch started to stain from her wetness she said three perfect words “ f*** my feet”. Eve stuck her feet out towards me as I approached. I pushed her soles together and f***** the gap between her soles. The soft smooth nylon gliding over my tip and shaft was euphoric. Our moans were in sync, her white nylon crotch was soaked as my pre c** stained her soles. Then she said four magical words “c** on my toes”. Eve present all ten red painted, white nylon covered toe and I pulled my c*** three more times before my load shot straight on her right foot. Three bursts spilled on her foot covering most of her toes. Then pinching my tip I drug my tip across the toes of her left foot. Her feet stuck in that position as she continued to c** from her vibrator, I finally heard her exhale. Eve retrieved her vibrator from inside herself and licked it clean.
Eve: we have som cleaning to do.

Eve moved her body more on the bed and motioned for me to join her. Her sexy flexible self brought her c** covered right foot to her red painted lips and said “help me”. Our tounges met as we licked my cream from her toes. Watching her throat move from swallowing load was amazing. After a few minutes of sharing I sat back and watched her suck her toes, and her lipstick stain her pure white hose. I couldn’t help but touch myself and when saw that she stopped. Then she spread her legs and tore open the crotch of her pantyhose. Her hair laid flat on her mound from her wetness. Eve the got on all fours in the bed, I thought I was finally getting to go inside her. However, I got something still amazing. Eve told me to lay on my back, then she sat that delicious soaking wet p**** on my face. I stayed underneath her for at least and hour, soaked and full. My c*** was hard again when Eve dismounted my face. She looked exhausted. My face soaked and my c*** hard, ThAts how she loved to leave me. It was Sunday and I had to sit next to her at work until Wednesday afternoon before I could c** again. Each of those days her legs were covered with sheer black hose, her toes painted bright red shining thru. But the amount of c** I got to spill on her after waiting was s as always amazing.

Jul 27, 2020

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