I wish we weren't disturbed

As a college student, I was home one Christmas break. On Christmas Eve, my parents always had an open house and about 100 people, including many of my friends, came over.
Among the younger people, I remember there was a lot of sustained drinking. Not over drinking, but steady sustained drinking. About 12:30, I had had a long day and went down into the basement to sleep. I don't know how long I had been asleep, maybe only a few moments, when I felt a hand rub my chest gently. The hand brushed softly against my nipples and worked its way down to my waist, always stopping at the band to my tighty whities. Then, it would come back up to my chest, brush my nipples and start down again. I opened my eyes and one of my best friends was standing there rubbing me. It felt so good. He appeared startled when I opened my eyes but kept rubbing me. It felt wonderful. I had just start to get hard when all of a sudden tbe basement door opened any my mother yelled out it was time for everyone to go home. She didn't see anything and my friend just yelled up he was leaving. He rubbed me one more time and went up the stairs.
All these years later, I wish he had run his hand under the elastic of my underwear and down into my pubic hair before wrapping his soft hand around my c***. It is a night I long regret. I would have loved to feel his hand on me and I would have loved to unzip his jeans, slid my hand past his zipper and feel his hard wet c***. That was about as close to a gay experience I have ever had and I would so much like to feel his hand running down my chest again.


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  • I agree, just call him again, whats the big deal?

  • Sounds great, maybe you should spend some alone time with him.

  • What are you waiting for then? Call the guy and try to get him into a situation where you can finish what he started.

  • haha! F*****!

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