My big years of cheating part 3

Continued from part 2

I kept fantasizing about that weekend with Chrissy. It was amazing s** but also fullfulled my fantasy. I always had s** at wedding I attended. This was the best one ever. I went online and found others who shared stories about s** at weddings. One afternoon I get a message from a familiar name. I'm not sure who it is but I tell them about my time with Chrissy. She responds by telling me Chrissy enjoyed it too. I looked at the name again and realized it was the bride from the wedding. It was Kylie, my brother in laws wife. I was so shocked I quickly logged off. I signed back on and she sent me another message. I askedhowshe knew. She told me Chrissy told her about the experience a month after the wedding. She also told me weddings always turned her on too. She said that I turned her on her wedding day by how I was treating her. She began to look at me differently and then heard how great the s** was. She had seen me in chat rooms before but was scared to message me.

We chatted some more about our fantasies, but had to get off the computers. We scheduled to talk the next week. We chatted the next week and did some role play cyber s** of me f****** her on her wedding day. It was amazing. We did it again the next week. Then I told her I needed to hear her c**, so we had phone s**, then began exchanging pictures. We were talking almost every other day by December. We realized that we would be in the same house on xmas eve. We both were nervous and backed off chatting as much.

Xmas eve was at my wife's great aunts place. Kylie and Thomas were already there when I got there. Kylie looked great in her knee length red spaghetti strap dress. I smiled at her when I walked in, but was nervous to hug her or even talk to her. I shook Thomas's hand and Kylie came over a gave me a hug. It sent tingles thru my body.

We barely spoke most on dinner. For the present opening, I sat on the floor with my daughter. Kylie sat on the couch near me. She would keep opening and closing, or crossing and in crossing her legs, I'm sure to give me a nice view. My daughter eventually went to bed and it was time for church. The plan was for me to stay back while everyone else went to church. Kylie said she would stay back also to help me clean up.

I could feel the tension between us. We didn't say much more than was needed as we packed up the presents and put the dishes away. I took the presents out to our cars and she was sitting on the couch when I got back in. I sat next to her. We made some more small talk. Finally I said it is so hard keeping my hands to myself. She said she knows and we can't do what we want to do. We stared at each other. I couldn't help it any longer. I leaned in and kissed her. We began making out. I loved listening to her c** on the phone and wanted to make her c** so much. I moved to the floor in front of her. Pushed up her dress and began licking her p****. Her p**** was so amazing, her c*** was so huge. I made her c** once, she told me not to stop. She came again louder. I was rock hard. I looked at the time and saw we still had about 10 minutes before everyone would be back. I told her I need to f*** her before they got back. She agreed and laid down on the floor. I entered her and began f****** and kissing her. Her p**** was fairly tight. She was telling me how much bigger my c*** was compared to Thomas. I loved that. I kept looking at the time to get every possible minute in her p**** that I could. I told her I needed her bent over the couch like our fantasy. I her ass looked great as I was f****** her from behind. She was pushing back against me as I was pushing deep into her p****. Faster and deeper I went. She came again. Her moans pushed me over the edge and I began c****** in her p****. She pulled off me and gave my c*** a few sucks in her mouth mouth sucking what ever c** I had left in me. We quickly went to our rooms to clean up and change. When we got back out. The family had just returned.

I have continued my affair with Kylie for the past 5 years. It has been amazing finding time with her. There are plenty of stories with her. Unfortunately our time may be coming to an end as I am getting a divorce from my wife.

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