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Like many other U.S. voters, I don't like and don't support our President. However, the media has given him the most unbelievably unfair treatment in American history. I thought George W. Bush got a bad shake from news sources, but that was simple disregard and disrespect. What they have done with Pres. Trump, though, is hideous and inexcusable, and it damages the country and its institutions. They are embarrassing themselves and us.

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  • What upsets me is that I have lived long enough to have lived through at least 8 Presidents and yes the media has blasted Trump more than other Presidents in the past, but Trump is the first President that I do not respect and by far does absolutely nothing Presidential. I was happy to see the stock market go up his first 2 years, but the downturn was helped by the way he has handled covid-19. It is true that even if he had done everything right we could still be in the same mess, but to say he has done a great job during this pandemic especially him, is just wrong. The problem is he might still win in the election and that in itself is would not be bad but he needs to act like the President that we need and help all the people not just himself and rich contributors!!!

  • After the Roger Stone mess (which was actually only a commutation), I don't believe he will pardon anybody -- including himself-- until after the election. If he wins, and if the senate stays red, he'll be untouchable. If he loses, he'll have a clear path to do what he chooses without the Democrats having any meaningful recourse. If he loses, he'll empty the jails . . . for a fee, naturally. Sackass.

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