My Wife

I've been a p*** addict since I was 10. My style of choice is girl on girl and hotwife. I've fantasized my entire 20+ year marriage about watching my wife f*** other guys and or girls. I can't get it out of my head. There was a time several years ago when I had a chance to make it happen. I finally talked her into chatting with another couple and a few single guys. She got really hot and we even went on a date with a couple. She f***** the guy with out my knowledge and confessed when I got home from work. She felt devistated because she took it to far and refused to ever do anything like that again even though I reassured her I was totally good with it. Shortly after she "found God" and there is no longer any speak of anything risque outside of our marriage. I think she could be taken back there again but it would take a it of booze and she doesn't drink at all.

Aug 7, 2020

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  • S** with others inside marriage is fine. I’m a God fearing woman but I believe s** was created for us to enjoy as well as procreate.

    I love watching my husband f*** other women. Heck a about a year ago our pastor and his wife were having trouble conceiving. I shared with her my prayers and told her I can’t imagine what that must be like as my hubby and I conceived our three children on the first try.

    She said that is amazing. We must be so blessed. I said I never thought of it that way but OK. We talked further and long story short we ended up in a three way and she conceived.

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