My Granny's Offer

I will make the question short, i am 19 and never had intercourse its just that its never happened, i was talking to gran on the phone and one subject always come up do have a girl friend she always tell me i should a girlfriend and be doing what young men do with girls and its not good for you if you don't, she
even asked me if i was gay, defiantly not i said she said its ok if you are, gran asked me was i not interested in an adult relationship, i told her i was very interested, so the surprise, gran said you know ime always hear for you in any way at all i am willing to help you and i will do anything, what ime suggesting is taboo, you know i am at home Saturday after noon, call i will be ready and willing, Has and body f***** there granny, that's the question, i want to but ime nervous i might bottle out

Aug 9, 2020

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  • What’s next grandad f****** lol ??

  • Hello honey! I'm a seventy-year-old widowed granny and I regularly f uck with my grandson who is in his teens. His parents know that we're having s ex and they're fine with it.

    I love f ucking that grandson of mine. It is the best and most loving s ex I have ever had, and the two of us cannot get enough of each other. I especially like his vigour, his stamina, his young tight body with smooth skin, and his eagerness to learn and e rotically please me; not to mention the many times he can blast loads of c um. Nothing beats the feeling of his warm, young love juices in my receptive old c unt.

    My grandson in turn loves my soft, lush and voluptuous body with its big pillowy b******. He also loves the passionate way I make love.

    As for f ucking your grandmother, I would say: go for it! Don't you worry about feeling nervous, it is perfectly normal to feel that way when going to have intercourse for the first time. On top of that there also is the taboo of having family s ex. So just relax and let her guide and teach you, and everything will be hot, fun and alright.

    Let me finish with wishing you and your grandmother a hot and steamy Saturday, hopefully the first of numerous erotic encounters between you and her over the course of many years! Happy f ucking!

  • Not my granny but I f***** my 1st cousin like 9 times. Best s** I ever had.

  • Go ahead... f****** an older woman is always great fun. She will teach you all about girls and s**, that is valuable for your age. And you will love her fat large p**** lips to suck on and tease on her engorged c*** (if you know where it is lodged).

  • Go for it !

    Nothing better than a mature hairy f**** !
    How old is the lady ?
    Does she have grey hair and nice big t*** to play with ?

  • My Granny is 68 she is in reasonable trim for her age i have seen her naked at times she didn't hide from me she has caught my wanking at times, and yes ime going to her house on Saturday i well tell all

  • Wow. You are one lucky guy. Let us know what happens

  • F*** other grannies

  • Yes granny s******* is great my mum even know about it

  • Every granny should f uck her grandson(s)! It is the best s ex there is!

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