Got pregnant after protesting

I’m three months pregnant from hooking up with some guys after a George Floyd protest. We were on lock down so long my friends took an Uber into the city to protest in honor of George Floyd. While screaming at police a group of older black guys invited us to their place to smoke pot but my friends didn’t want to go. They started calling us white privileged b*ches. Said we weren’t real if we didn’t hang with them so I went. Who turns down free pot? After the first joint, I started having s** with one of them then his friends joined. When everyone finished, they gave me a bag of joints and I took Uber home. The next day, I started having problems and thought it was a bad yeast infection. A week later, I couldn’t stand it any longer so went to the Dr. It was BV and chlamydia. I got a shot and some antibiotics. Also got COVID-19 tested. The cotton swab up the nose HURT & a pregnancy test. The pregnancy test was positive. My boyfriend lives 200 miles away and knew it wasn’t his. lol. I told him and he thinks it’s cool I got pregnant during the George Floyd protests. My friends are excited I’m pregnant and tell me it’s a great way to honor George Floyd. My parents can’t wait to be grandparents. They think it’s my bf’s. lol I’m not telling anyone right now but plan to get a late term abortion. My state allows it. My COVID-19 test results came back a week later and I tested positive for antibodies. I’m asymptomatic.

Aug 9, 2020

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  • Any update sweetie?
    How's baby?

  • Wow! To be young again.

    I bet those black c**** were amazing. I bet you are never going to be satisfied with anything less than a bbc.

  • I can't count the number of times I let guys guilt, pressure or blackmail me into s**. I don't wait for late abortions. I use morning after. I don't tell anyone either, especially my husband.... OK, I'll admit it HERE only; I love feeling pressured into s**, even more if it's wrong, like now that I'm married. I LOVE feeling the risk of pregnancy too. I know it's horrible but I can't help how I feel. That is why I try to only go with guys that resemble my husband

  • Stupid brainless tart.

  • All moist sphincters and no brains. First you had to work your mouth, then the hole at the other end. And for what? You're both sick and bringing an unnecessary life into a world that can't get its s*** together and is stuffed with a brand new, life ending virus. Like I said, no brains at all

  • Don't make two mistakes. You engaged in s** that you now regret and have had some medical pain as a result. Learn and move forward. Remember the other use of the acronym BLM. That is Babies Lives Matter and it is inclusive of every race, creed, religion. There is plenty of help and plenty of people who would love to adopt if you don't want the child. I wish you goodness as you learn and grow in your life experience.

  • W****

  • Lol.... you're a bad liar or your all stupid.
    But if true why kill the baby?
    It's innocent and you're not.
    Give it up, let a real human being adopt it.

  • Never let anyone pressure you into s**, or have a baby you don't want. If abortion is what you want, hurry and get it done now, because it's harder on your body and more expensive the longer you wait. Kids are expensive and a ton of work, and if you aren't ready for it, it will ruin your life. Good luck to you!

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