We are in our early 30,s now and our daughter was about 12 at the time.
Well first off Doris and I had dated through high school off and on and during our senior year we decided to get married. Neither of us had very much sexual experience she had only been with two boys so far and I was a little luckier than her but far from being experienced.
We married as soon as I found a job and she became pregnant soon after that and now we became s** fiends but as the years passed like most married couples like got involved and we faced it .
Doris became a lab assistant and I took a Lab at a lab and I found work at a lbr Yard and when our daughter Lisa was in her early teens I took a second job as a security guard trying to save enough to send her to college.
Our s** life had become a two or three times a month thing now but then I found out that Doris was having an affair when I answered her cell phone while she was in the bathroom and a man hung up when I answered.
I questioned her and she admitted that she was having an affair and I was crushed I couldn't breath and I thought i was going to die it hurt so bad.
I was determined though not to get a divorce because I still loved her and i couldn't face life alone now but every time I thought about I became insanely jealous and images of her with this faceless guy in between her legs and images of her responding to him left me with gut wrenching pain..
I would question her about it and then we would make love with me asking her what they did and did she have o****** .
Once I was sitting in the bathroom and these images began to invade my thoughts and as I watched her in my minds eye I became hard and I masturbated inti the toilet then I began to fantasize about actually watching her commit adulatory and it became an obsession with me.
I would bring it up when we had s** and at first she wouldn't talk about t but I kept on until she was also responding .
we were having s** several times a week now Doris had ended her affair and transferred to another hospital and now we were actually talking about it really happening but she wanted to wait until Our daughter left home but I wanted to see this soon so last summer when Lisa spent a couple weeks with her grand parents In Lake Tahoe we decided to do it and I think that Doris was excited as I was now .
We had checked out the nude beaches on the coast and found that
bodega Bay had one .
We had watched clips of beach encounters several times ad we decided that was the way we would go so that day we parked in the lot and I carried our ice chest and Doris had out blankets and sun block n her duffle bag she carried over shoulder .
The nude beach was farther down from the wide access and there were many people there with children so we walked and walked until we came to the area that had a sign clothing optional from this point.
Right away we spotted naked men and women and we felt odd still in our bathing suits .
we found a small cul d sac up against some rocks and out of the hot sun and we laid out blankets out and we undressed putting our suits in her duffle bag.
I was ready to start but neither of us had any Idea on how to make it happen several guys stopped and looked us over but none of them approached us and we whispered back and forth laughing now until told her hey I am going to go up on the tocks above us and lay down and see if a guy will come over and Doris thought that would be best to so I was soon looking down at my wife as she sat on her blanket and right away a guy came up to her and I couldn't hear word they said because of the ocean waves crashing against the rocks as they talked for a few minutes then Doris pointed at her duffle bag and he picked it up and she took out her tube of sun block and handed it to him then she turned and laid down on her belly.
The guy was getting hard now but he was tying hard to hide it as he got on his knees beside her and squezer out some on her back then he began to rub it on her back as they talked he did this for awhile then he threw his leg over her hips straddling her hips and I could see his now hard c*** in between her ass cheeks as he rubbed in the sun block.
It was obvious that he didn't know what he was doing he was just feeling her up now and he began to slide his c*** up and back through her ass cheeks god this was hot i wished that I could hear what they were saying I watched though as he leaned forward ad slid his hands under her and cupped her b****** and Doris began to respond mow her hips began to undulate matching his stroked then he slid back and his c*** slipped between her legs and I watched almost holding my breath but his c*** head popped out between her ass cheeks so he tried again and her body was so coated with the sun block that twice more I watched his c*** head pop out of her ass cheeks but then Doris said something and raised her ass off the blanked and reached under and guided his c*** into her.
They began to f*** and he laid on top of her his ass pumping in and ot and could see that they were still talking as they f*****. Then he stopped and raised up as Doris got on her hands and knees I could see his c*** coated with her slimy lube now as he took her hips in his hands and jammed his d*** back into her.
They were still talking as he gripped her hips pulling her back onto his c*** as they f***** and Doris relaxes her arms and laid her head back on the blanket glancing around u n my direction but I was well hid I could see her b****** swinging in circles with the force f his thrusts as he f***** her faster and faster .
Several people had gathered ow watching them and they were all talking Then The guy Stopped talking and he was thrusting harder his back arched and his mouth was open as he gasped for breath then I actually heard him cry out as he started C****** he would pull her back onto his c*** and hold her there for seconds then thrust into her again several times and c** more until he finally just held her there as his c*** pumped the last of his seed into her he slowly relaxed and sat back on his heels his slimy c*** falling out of my wife now but he was still half hard when Doris came alive and stood nd pushed him onto his back then she squatted over his hips taking his c*** in her hand as she lowered herself onto his c*** .
She began to slide back and forth rubbing her c*** with her finger as the people watched ignoring them her hair was hanging in her face and her face was locked in a grimace her jaws tight as she rode him faster and aster then she yelped nd her body jerked in o***** the people watching began to laugh and clap their hands cheering her on as her body slowly relaxed to .
Doris said something and stood grabbing her baffle bag ad grabbing a handful of handi wipes and she half squatted wiping her p**** cleaning of his sperm .
I watched the guy stand then turn and walk away as Doris was still wiping up the mess I climbed down from the rocks and she looked a me her hair hanging in her face and her eyes still a little wild and said I couldn't see you and I said I watched and that was the last time we talked about it that day but I knew by the way she held my hand that she still loved me but I think she will be willing to do it again if this social distancing ever ends.

Aug 10, 2020

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  • I'd be glad to make a deposit if you are ever in the Dayton Ohio area.

  • Nice! An affair doesn't have to be the end... it can be an exciting new beginning!

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