That time I let myself be used by seven men, blindfolded

As the title suggests, it was a g*******. The biggest I have been a part of, so far.

It was July last year. My “friends” had a party at one of the guy's homes. When I write friends what I basically mean is the seven guys and me, the only girl there. We had planned on an orgy, but I like being used by the shy guys, not extroverted kind. All of these guys were basically acquaintances of each other, sharing the same university but all of them belonged to different departments and classes. The only common thread among them being me, I had at least made out with every single one of them during my university years.

As soon as the party began, cigarettes were brought out and smoked and so was alcohol, which I didn't partake in because I don't like drunk s**, when I can't even properly remember how the night went. Anyway, the guys had their fill. One hour in, the partu was over and someone fired up Netflix. I don't remember which one it was because I was, at this point, basically a b**** in heat and wanted to be f*****. I started kissing one of the guy and that was the signal. Jeans were unzipped and removed and one of the guys came up behind me ripped at my dress, tearing it up. I was too h**** to care. Anyway the clothes were removed a layer at a time, with my panties at the end. I was being anally pounded when someone brought out a pair of blindfolds and put it up against my eyes. I discovered a new kink that day.

After the pounding by that guy was finished, I put on the blindfolds properly and let them use me, as they saw fit, two at a time. I sucked and was used like a b**** and spit roasted and rode the guys, all in complete darkness. Some slapped me. Some choked me. Some bit me. I swallowed c** and was creampied. All my holes had a mixture of s**** in them when this session ended. I could barely after we were done, and stayed at the guy's place in the night. In the morning it was painful, but like a sweet pain, which you like. I was bruised in some places. My pelvis ached. I could feel c** crusted on my b******. But I really liked it. One of the times when I have been at my sluttiest.

Aug 10, 2020

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  • Nice! Wish I was at that party!

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