Five is a Four Letter Word

I wish I never got involved with you. I wish you never said yes and just let me be single for eternity. What the f*** were they thinking when they said 'its better to love and lose, than to never love at all'?

And then you turn around and say 'oh what a great couple we would've been'. F*** YOU. In case you didn't remember, you promised me that you would wait for me. That as soon as I wasn't so busy with school we'd actually do things together.

AND NOW, you always message me and s***, acting like everything is okay between us. I oblige and act like its okay,

but I'd rather shoot myself than be in this h*** you've given me. Because, I get it. I'm not worth waiting for. I'm not worth caring for. I'm just a notch in your bedpost.

Thanks a f****** bunch.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • The reason I broke up with you wasn't because of school, it was because you're a b****. Sorry.

  • I tried, I called, you were always busy and we were keeping this secret from our parents, stuff ALWAYS was in the way. When we moved on to college, we said we'd try again.


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