All the cheating and sleeping around posts

I do like to read the posts on this site. I know a lot of it is bullshit stories but all the posts of these people cheating on their husband or wife or just sleeping around. I wonder how many of those people that are actually doing it have an STD. Im sure the number is high. But like I said, i do enjoy reading the posts, but the thought of these nasty disease infested people out spreading their warts, herpes, aids, or whatever they have, kinda makes me sick.

Aug 12, 2020

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  • That is very true!
    And that is why even though I love to look at women every where I go and I really like watching nude pics online I don’t cheat.
    The only things I have done isn’t having a couple of nude massages and having a hand job at the end. Nothing serious or harmful just a couple hand jobs.

  • That is why you need to be careful who you allow access to your kitty

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