Exile all with aids & herpes

I wish we could get rid of aids and herpes. if we could get all people with aids or herpes and send them to africa and keep them from infecting the rest of us healthy people. or if not exile them we should make all people diagnosed with aids or herpes get a tattoo on their forehead saying herpes or aids that way people could stop it from spreading to others. people who have the disease could just f*** eachother and make more aids babies. thats the best sollution thats practical in society.

Nov 24, 2011

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  • what the h*** is wrong with you....

    how about we send YOU to Africa in a f****** cage to feed a starving family and when they say we don't eat human we can just say oh dont worry its really just an ugly pig nothing to worry about.


  • Jews can go with them

  • Are you the same idiot that posted the "My awesome life" confession? It shows.

  • if only bro that would be great i hate using condoms and waiting for her to come and give me the doctors results saying shes clean.

  • Everyones so quick to judge and hate on a rough draft of an opinion. if its such a dumb idea then you post your genius solution einstein.

  • You're clearly an ignorant, misinformed moron that deserves a tattoo and to join the continent where we'll be keeping all the imbeciles.

  • israyl burgher has herpes, he may have aids too. beware of ths worthless trash bag.

  • The best thing to do is get tested with a new potential partner and once you're both given a clean bill of health, have hot monogamous s** with each other and no one else.

  • Yeah, except that won't work for one reason. People often don't know for a while when they get those diseases. Symptoms don't show up, sometimes for years with herpes. Oh, and by the way, it's like that with some of the other std's too... unless people get symptoms they often don't know they've gotten any std. So the only way your idiot plan would work is if people got tested for ALL std's EVERY TIME AFTER THEY HAVE S**. And nobody's going to do that because it's expensive to get tested every time, even if you have insurance you can't get tested several times a month.

    The fact of the matter is s** is risky business and you can't tell who's infected when you suck or f*** them.

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