Well that's awkward

Last night my husband and I had some friends over, some left some stayed later and the guys ventured off to the garage to hang out and eventually us girls headed out as well, Toward the end of the night I was ready to pack it in and people were slowly leaving, Everyone had left except my one friend.
My husband was leaning against his truck, I was leaning against him and she said she should go, I was happy to be able to go to bed because I was pretty drunk but before she left she kissed me. Pretty awkward, She walked right up, Put her fingers under my chin, Looked me right in the eyes, Put one hand on my lower back, Slid it down and I thought she was going to grab my bum but instead she slid her hand in my husbands pants and grabbed his c***, She kissed me and slid her other hand up my shirt.
Oh boy, I am no prude, I have kissed a girl before, Not in probably 10 years but I have, My husband was in total disbelief, I could feel her stroking him as she massaged my b*** and we kissed, the whole thing probably lasted maybe not quite a minute and then she broke the lip lock and leaned back, Bit her bottom lip and said "Wow, If I wasn't so drunk I would be all over both of you guys", I just laughed awkwardly and she still had her hand down my husbands pants and was standing pressed up against me, She whispered in my ear which didn't really make any sense because my husbands face was right there but she whispered "Oh girl, that is a huge d***...Sigh...I am gonna go home and think about you getting f***** with it", She moaned a bit, Pulled her hand out of his pants and wiped her hand on her jeans and stumbled out the door and into the night.
I turned and looked at him, He looked at me and we both started laughing, He said "What the f***", I laughed and said "Oh she is gonna feel so dumb tomorrow", Needless to say my husband was beyond letting me just pass out but thankfully he only lasted a couple minutes, I totally played it up so he would finish faster, I whispered "Come on baby, think about her jerking your d*** and touching my t*** when you come in me". I actually kinda am interested to see if she says anything.

Aug 12, 2020

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