One to meney to drink with my sister

Me an my sister wonted to let home so bad we got a appointment together a fue years back and we have been staying together . We even sleep in the same bed but not naked . A few months ago we was drinking a lot . The next day we woke up in the nude the next day . Nether of us could remember what had happened that night . After awhile we start joking around about us having s** and soon we tryed a couple of times Wich would end when she would change her mind . At one point we tryed and got my shaft in her on the 3th hump there was a nock at the door . She may me stop so she could answer it. After some time she started getting sick so she went to the doctor and found out she was pregnant after we talked we decided we was going to date each other and that s** been boyfriend and girlfriend was important . We went to the bed she was on her back I was on top of her . I played with her and we kiss for a while. Thin Finley she sed she was ready I entered her pussycat . She was so tight it was like we was made for each other . Every time she would come she would rap her arms around me holding me tight to her and she would cry my name and say little sister needs her big brother . After a bit I was ready to come . I told her and she replied by raping her legs around me make me go deeper . Wich made her have the biggest orgasming yet . We came at the same time . And I think the best part was looking deep into her eyes as I came deep in her we have did it ever night sense.


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  • Too bad there isn't a way to keep ret@rds who can't write off the internet.

  • Did you mean "one two mini"?

  • Lol

  • Hey loser stand on the train tracks and wait.

  • The ownly think wurst then yore gramer is yore spelink

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